Alex Howe

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer, Rebel Coast Winery

Alex is a reformed East Coaster who is never leaving Southern California and blames his parents for his prior lack of surfing experience. A strategic communications and go-to-market expert, he ensures the company stays on track and Chip uses proper grammar. He also wants you to know his motorcycle is the fastest and hip-hop is appropriate at all times.

Rebel Coast Winery is the perfect example of how wineries can leverage their current infrastructure of bottling and distribution. They were the ones to launch the world's first cannabis-infused, alcohol-removed wine.

Rebel Coast plans on also releasing a cannabis-infused rosé and sparkling wine. You can also expect a line of Cannabidiol-infused (CBD) wines from Rebel Coast in the second half of 2018, that will have the same medicinal benefits, but none of the psychotropic effects.

In his talk we will learn about how wineries can take advantage of this new category.