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Opportunity Is Here. Are You In?

Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco, July  25, 2019, will be the first event to give the worldwide drinks industry, and North America in particular, the chance to come together and look at ways it can address legalized cannabis.

It will also be the first time that drinks producers, manufacturers, brand owners, distilleries and brewers can come together and collectively look at ways they can also benefit from legalized cannabis. Assess, analyze and implement ways they can both individually and together take advantage of what is effectively a new major consumer goods market. 

Who are the Visitors?

Cannabis Drinks Expo promises to be relevant for anyone involved in the development, production, distribution and retailing of all alcoholic drinks and cannabis and related products. It will also provide a vital networking opportunity for political analysts, medical experts and those involved in the development and implementation of legalized cannabis into new markets. REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND

Show Times

Conference Starts: 9 am
Expo Floor Opens: 11 am

With so much uncertainty and unpredictability surrounding the legalized cannabis market, it makes Cannabis Drinks Expo a truly must-attend event for leading players from all areas of the main drinks industry as well as all the other support sectors and services that rely on it.

With so many moving parts to understand, the one-day event is being carefully designed in order to cover all the key issues surrounding the legalized cannabis market.

It means there will be dedicated sessions and time given over to:

  • The medical and political background that has made cannabis already legal in certain countries, and US states.

  • The likelihood and timescale of legalized cannabis being introduced to other countries around the world and what changes in policy and political direction will be needed to make it happen.

  • The new and emerging players within the legalized cannabis sector. How do they see the market growing, what type of products are most likely to succeed and what research and development are being done to bring those products to market?

  • What impact is legalized cannabis having on the traditional alcoholic drinks market in the areas where it has been introduced. What steps are drinks companies taking to address legalized cannabis in those countries and what strategies do they need to follow in the future.

There will also be the opportunity for drinks businesses to network with these emerging, leading cannabis players to see where there might potentially be ways for the two sides to actually work together. Be it the production of cannabis-style drinks, or the distribution of cannabis across the current drinks retail and on-premise supply chains. 

Who Should Attend?

Cannabis Drinks Expo is open to visitors and exhibitors from across both the drinks industry and its connected supply chain and the emerging legalized and medical cannabis sector. Potential exhibitors will include: Medical marijuana producers, Cannabis growers, Cannabis producers/ product developers, Cannabis processors, Cannabis distributors/transporters, Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries, Branded drinks companies, Drinks manufacturers/producers, Pharma companies, Equipments and service providers, CBD manufacturers, Marijuana-Infused products and edibles providers, Testing and laboratory services, Logistics and supply chain operators, Drinks distributors/wholesalers, Drinks importers, Lobbyists/ public affairs businesses and Political advisors.

Show Times

Conference Starts: 9 am
Expo Floor Opens: 11 am


On the face of it the emergence of a booming legalized cannabis market can be seen as a major threat to future alcoholic drinks sales. But it could also prove to be a new route to market, the catalyst for new products that are more relevant to the changing taste and needs of drinkers, particularly those entering the market for the first time.

Cannabis Drinks Expo will be a melting pot of seminars, debates, and TED-style talks from political and medical leaders, major drinks industry figures, retailers, restaurant and bar chains, brand developers, FMCG consumer experts, and future trends, analysts and cultural commentators.

But most of all it will provide a platform for drinks businesses from all sides of the industry to network and meet their counterparts from the cannabis sector and better understand their needs, challenges, and opportunities.

One to One Meetings

Visitors will be able to schedule one to one meetings with exhibitors in advance. CHECK OUT THE EXHIBITORS

Show Times

Conference Starts: 9 am
Expo Floor Opens: 11 am


Meet our 2019 conference speakers

Terence Donnelly

Terence Donnelly

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Hill Street Beverage Company

Omar Figueroa

Omar Figueroa

Founder of the Law Offices of Omar Figueroa, author, and cannabis law expert

Adam  Miron

Adam Miron

Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer at HEXO

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