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A Guide on Popular Cannabis Products in Stores

There are a multitude of cannabis products available in stores and are available for legal consumption. Learn about these Cannabis products!

As cannabis becomes more legal, the industry surrounding it grows. Politicians now run on a platform of total marijuana legalization because of its popular stance. Every other week, there's a local news story about a mom who became a millionaire by baking and selling edibles. 

Companies want to expand their marketing efforts now that it has reached the suburbs. That isn't easy. Popular search engines, such as Google, are wary of allowing people to advertise marijuana products on their websites, even if the state in which it is produced is legal.

Manufacturers have been forced to find alternative ways to sell their goods. Despite these obstacles, the surge in cannabis popularity has resulted in a surge in cannabis products this decade.

Because THC and CBD can enter the body in so many different ways – smoking, vaping, ingesting, and also through the skin – the products that can be made with it is, if not infinite, certainly plentiful.

On the other hand, certain products appear to be more prevalent, or at least on the rise, than others.

Cannabis Oils

Cannabis Oils

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CBD oils contain very little THC, so they won't give you the high you'd expect from marijuana. That way, the desired effects - pain relief, anxiety relief, nausea relief, and so on - could be obtained without causing psychoactive reactions.

Epilepsy appears to have the most consistent support for cannabis oil use. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently received a unanimous vote from their federal advisory committee to recommend approval of Epidiolex. One can use this pharmaceutical CBD oil to treat certain rare forms of epilepsy. However, CBD oil has also been shown to be beneficial in treating pain, cancer, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders, among other conditions.

Cannabis Cosmetics & Skin Care

Cannabis Cosmetics

Source: Cannabis Cosmetics

As CBD use increased and cannabis became legal in more states, certain companies and entrepreneurs had the idea of marketing these products to people who aren't often marketed as a weed: suburban women. As a result, the CBD beauty product industry is expanding each year exponentially, though it is not limited to suburban women.

CBD is said to have anti-inflammatory properties due to cannabinoid receptors in the skin and the previously mentioned benefits. Some researchers believe it may help fight acne, and beauty/skincare products containing cannabinoids are marketed as providing pain relief, hydration, or a euphoric, relaxed feeling.


How popular are these products becoming? CBD-containing products are now available on Sephora's website. After all, the combination of effects that these products claim to provide is quite enticing. 

Cannabis balms and salves have the potential to relieve muscle pain, whereas lotions and rubs have the allure of clearer skin. Bath bombs and bath salts can provide much-needed relief and relaxation in the bathtub. In addition, the marijuana topicals market is real and growing; you can now buy marijuana body wash, lip gloss, and mascara.

Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Cannabis Beverages

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Cannabis beverages haven't yet reached the mainstream status of beauty products, but they're gaining traction, as evidenced by a recent Goop article about CBD cocktails. 

Cocktails infused with cannabis are still in their infancy, mostly limited to a few bars in Los Angeles. Still, if recreational marijuana use is legalized in more states, it's a trend that could spread quickly.

How well-known are these products? CBD-infused products are now available on the Sephora website. After all, the combination of effects claimed by these products is quite appealing. 

Cannabis Balms and Beauty Products

Cannabis Beauty Products

Source: Cannabis Beauty Products

Cannabis balms and salves have the potential to alleviate muscle pain, whereas lotions and rubs promise clearer skin. Bath bombs and salts can provide much-needed relief and relaxation in the bathtub.

The marijuana topicals market exists and is expanding; you can now purchase a marijuana body wash, lip gloss, and mascara. Drinks laced with marijuana have been relegated to states where the drug is either completely legalized or decriminalized, effectively serving as test markets for future states. 

Some dispensaries in Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal, sell cannabis cola and fruit punch, such as Medicine Man, which has multiple locations.  In addition, several coffee shops in New York sell cannabis-infused coffees, ideal for calming anyone who gets the jitters from a strong cup.

Cannabis Dog Treats

Cannabis Oil

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Do you give cannabis to your pets? Is that secure? Don't give your dog a marijuana cookie with human portions; avoid anything with high THC content. Still, some companies have experimented with creating hemp and CBD products specifically for pets.

Many reports of pets being successfully treated with marijuana are anecdotal, as obtaining federal funding for research into the subject has proven extremely difficult, and veterinarians are not legally permitted to prescribe it.

Nonetheless, many scientists are determined to investigate the effects of medical marijuana on pets, and some local politicians in states such as California have introduced bills to legalize prescribing cannabis for them.

Cannabis Gum

Cannabis Gum

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PlusGum promises a five-calorie high that takes effect in 15 minutes and lasts four hours. The spearmint 6-pack contains 150 milligrammes of THC, with each piece of gum containing 25 milligrammes. They are, however, not the only gum product on the market. 

For example, canChew gum offers a high CBD strain that promises all the benefits without the high — something that many people who use medicinal marijuana are looking for. MedChewRx is also being tested in clinical trials for chronic pain and spasticity in people with multiple sclerosis.

Cannabis Bath Salts

Cannabis Bath Salts

Source: Forbes

To be clear, we're not talking about the dangerous street drug you may have heard about here. Instead, Whoopi and Maya have an Epsom Salt bath soak, which combines the pain relief of medicinal marijuana with warm water, and it's pretty potent, according to their testimonials.

Cannabis Tinctures and Sprays

Cannabis Tinctures

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Flavored marijuana sprays are also available, which can be sprayed directly under your tongue for a quick high or sprayed on marijuana joints and blunts. One can also use marijuana tinctures (marijuana in an alcohol solution) under the tongue to produce a quick-acting, intense high.

Cannabis-infused Chocolates

Cannabis Edibles

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Edibles are a particularly popular method of getting high because they are more potent than other methods. It also allows you to eat while taking your newly legal medication, which is a plus. The most well-known edibles are fairly common – weed brownies, pot cookies, and marijuana gummies (which have occasionally caused companies to run into legal trouble due to concerns kids might inadvertently take them).


Whatever the advantages, all products, if taken more than their limitations, will naturally induce possible side effects on your health and mind. Marijuana in all forms is psychoactive. 

In other words, they alter how your brain works by attaching to and activating molecules in the brain, resulting in euphoria, relaxation, and sharper perception of things like colours, smells, and sounds. 

Sometimes people also experience unpleasant side effects, like paranoia, fear, panic, or anxiety. Marijuana contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary active chemical, and over 500 other chemicals. The amount of THC present determines 3 Marijuana's effects on the user.

Knowing that the consumption of cannabis is purportedly for getting high, users still need to be cautious of overdose or overconsumption of three cannabis products that can harm their mental and physical health.

Article by Ananya Bhattacharjee, Beverage Trade Network