San Francisco | July 28, 2022

Chicago | August 02, 2022

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Contract Manufacturing For Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Rick Gillis talks about how to scale with contract manufacturing and cover factors like capability, quality, food safety, compliance, potency, and distribution


Richard (Rick) Gillis was previously the President of Young’s Market Company, one of the USA’s largest beverage alcohol distributors, with a presence in virtually every market in the Western United States. Currently, Rick is the President at the Tinley's™ Beverage Co. In this talk, he discusses how to scale with contract manufacturing and covers factors like capability, quality, food safety, compliance, potency, and distribution.


Rick in this conference also talks about Tinley's™ Beverages which operates the largest & most versatile cannabis beverage manufacturing facility in California. The subtopics include:

  • Only full-scale, licensed bottling line available for third-party brands in California; purpose-built in Italy for cannabis.
  • Only tunnel pasteurization and pressurized batching options in-state; these features are optimal for dealcoholized wine, beer and a variety of beverages to be made without preservatives; available Q2 2021.
  • Bottling line has 12 million units/year capacity; the mini line and canning line each have comparable line speed.
  • Bottling line commissioned in Q4 2020 and mini line in Q1 2021; initial client shipments made in Q1 2021.
  • Canning line commissioning in Q2 2021
  • Beverage distribution facility 14 miles south of Downtown LA - in center of North America’s largest cannabis and beverage markets; provides an additional option for co-packing clients; planned for Q2 2021.
  • Among the lowest manufacturing & distro taxes in the state.

Rick says that Tinley's growth is going to be exponential because they are still just scratching the surface on what’s possible for this category. The reason is that drinking is more socially acceptable depending on the style of the drink and the ingredients in it could be a much healthier way to consume cannabis.

Rick further talks about how cannabis molecules are not water-soluble & how using nanotechnology has unlocked the potential for cannabis to be consumed as a liquid that’s powerful.

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