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Grow Your Cannabis Brand With Top Cannabis Marketing Agencies

Plan, execute, and grow a successful cannabis business with these Top US Cannabis Marketing Agencies.

The cannabis industry in the US is growing rapidly as new markets open and more states legalize both medical and recreational marijuana. The industry is witnessing a huge increase in CBD and Hemp products, dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, and a lot more.

Even with this rise in innovation and competition, there still remain challenges to advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. And the best approach for cannabis businesses and brands to overcome these challenges is to hire a strategic and creative cannabis marketing agency. 


A cannabis marketing agency navigates a brand through these restrictions and challenges and is well equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools required for successful marketing. They help your business stand out, reach new customers, and create a unique brand.   

Here are some of the Top Cannabis Marketing Agencies in the US that can help your brand execute easy and innovative marketing. 

Cannabis Creative 

Cannabis Creative

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Cannabis Creative Group is an award-winning digital marketing agency from Newton, Massachusetts. Their team of creative professionals works with Cannabis brands to gain the digital edge and elevate their brand online.

Cannabis Creative Group provides cannabis businesses with the tools to build their brand identity, create attractive websites, product packaging, develop marketing strategies, run effective SEM/PPC ad campaigns, and social media marketing to sell their products online. 

The company handles everything a business needs to generate leads and impress its clients. Their portfolio includes Blue Forest Farms, Maine Coast Hemp, Botera, Pure Oasis, CannaMountain, and more.

CannaVerse Solutions

CannaVerse Solutions

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CannaVerse Solutions is a full-service Cannabis & CBD marketing agency based in California and New York. With over 40 years of experience, their team catalyzes brand growth by crafting and shaping pioneer products and services.

CannaVerse Solutions guides start-ups and catapults brands to the next level. The company specializes in branding and strategy, web design, product design, custom packaging, advertising, SEO, social media, and email marketing. 

CannaVerse Solutions also helps cannabis businesses connect with valuable cannabis influencers. Their portfolio includes Erb & Arbor, Green Unicorn Farms, Ballast, Uncle Herb, Town Buds, and more.

Hybrid Marketing Co.

Hybrid Marketing Co.

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Hybrid Marketing Co. is one of the best cannabis marketing agencies based in Denver, Colorado. Their team crafts one-of-a-kind solutions that break the mold for dispensaries, processors, vendors, and cultivators and amplify their reach in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Hybrid Marketing Co. develops custom marketing strategies that supercharge the growth of cannabis brands and cultivates success. The company specializes in branding, web design, packaging, content development, SEO, and social media advertising and management.

Hybrid Marketing Co. builds transformative business solutions for the cannabis industry. Their portfolio includes Lightshade Cannabis Dispensary, Mobius Trimmer, Cue Cannabis, Koala Edibles, Everest Cannabis Co., and more.   



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PufCreativ is an award-winning and full-scale cannabis marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado. Their team provides a consistent balance of modern, strategic, and compliant marketing services.

PufCreativ combines a data-driven approach to marketing with knowledge gained from a wide variety of industries to deliver custom-tailored, outstanding results to clients. They specialize in consulting, branding, web and graphic design, content creation, SEO, digital advertising, social media management, and cannabis e-commerce. 

The company builds a brand around the client's goals and brings its vision to life. Their portfolio includes ABV Cannabis Co., Lumin Extract, GreenScreens, Eclipse Beverage, Last Prisoner Project, and more. 

Greenlit Agency

Greenlit Agency

Image Source: Greenlit

Greenlit Agency is a creative cannabis marketing agency based in Hollywood, California. Their team of creatives, strategists, and digital marketers work collaboratively with cannabis entrepreneurs to build a unique brand.

Greenlit Agency has secured a stronghold on the specific strategic services they offer. Their team specializes in branding, creating websites, package design, photography and video production, social media, digital marketing strategies, and more.

The company helps cannabis brands to stand out in the dense and competitive recreational cannabis marketplace. Their portfolio includes Wüsah, Elite Growers, Raw, Indibin, Croptober, Ruby, and more. 



Image Source: highopes

HIGHOPES is an award-winning cannabis marketing agency based in Seattle, Washington. Their team of professionals has extensive experience in the cannabis industry and provides the most comprehensive services to boost clients’ and cannabis brands’ success.

HIGHOPES is a cannabis marketing agency for the modern era. Their core capabilities are branding and strategy, website design, packaging production, organic advertising, social media management, and data-driven marketing.

The company serves its clients to the best to provide satisfaction, value, and success to their business. Their portfolio includes Campfire Cannabis, The Good Leaf, Jivati, VidaCann, Best Buds, HybridLA, and more. 

Herban Creative

Herban Creative

Image Source: Herban Creative

Herban Creative is a cannabis marketing agency from Morristown, New Jersey. Their team strives to launch a budding cannabis business into the market and keep it consistently on the map. 

Herban Creative creates a custom plan which is built around a cannabis business’s main objectives and curates fitting strategies. They specialize in branding, web design, and an array of digital marketing services. 

The company develops strategies that respect the regulations and at the same time impress customers. Their portfolio includes Uzuri, June’s Moon, Goliath Nutripower, Dankorations, The Cannabis Connection, and more.

Article by Aanchal Sharma, Beverage Trade Network