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Best Cannabis Growers in The World

The legalization of cannabis is approved in many countries of the world, which can help beverage companies to grow their business in the cannabis world.


As the cannabis is being legalized in many states of USA and Canda in the variety of forms: Medicinal and Recreational, alcohol beverage companies are now planning to grow there business in cannabis recreation. Hence to grow your business in the cannabis world, we have listed below some of the top cannabis growers in the world you wish to associate with them.


Caliva_Cannabis_GrowersCaliva is fully licensed and vertically integrated cannabis company providing the option for retailers, consumers, and distributors. The quality of their marijuana is best because it is been grown with their love. The team of Caliva is passionate about cannabis and its power for wellness. At the Go Caliva, their customers can have an experience of the best cannabis on the market, their cannabis is mindfully farmed, and are lab tested. Caliva is the best grower of Cannabis in California and is proud of purchasing and growing the best cannabis in the state.  The Caliva labs have been certified to report results for THCA, d9THC, CBDA, and CBN with the acceptable variance.


Sundial_Cannabis_growersSandial is a health Canada ACMPR-approved cannabis producer based in Alberta. They use the exacting standards, strict controls, and proprietary genetics to cultivate consistent cannabis products for modern cannabis consumers. Sandial has 32,000 square-foot Rocky view facilities and is already producing 2,100,000 grams of cannabis annually and planning for 545,400 square-foot facility, which aims to be the largest cannabis growing operation in Canada, producing up to 96,000,000 grams of cannabis annually. Their brand is poised to capture market share among both medical and, after July 2018 recreational cannabis for their consumers.

Atlas Growers

Atlas_GrowersAtlas Growers is Canadian medical cannabis producers founded in 2015 and located in the center of the Prairies near Edmonton. Alberta. The company is built in 38,000 square foot facility and laboratory, designed to grow and process the highest grade cannabis and cannabis-based products possible. They ultimately have nearly 1,100,000 square feet of growing area, with the business being to track their first product to ship in November 2018. Atlas believes in the world where people have access to both the medicine they need as well as the freedom to enjoy cannabis in a safe way recreationally.

Yerba Buena

Yerba_BuenaYerba Buena is an Oregon Cannabis grower of originally-grown flower that offers a clean, effective, beautiful, and delicious experience. The company is a clean Green certified cannabis grower and dedicated to growing diligently and organically. Their bio-active soil is rich in micro-nutrients, which are produced locally to their specifications and are been recycled. Yerba Buena utilizes an integrated pest management program based on natural prevention, including the use of beneficial bacteria and predatorily insects.

Pacific Cannabis Growers, Inc.

Pacific_Cannabis_GrowersPacific Cannabis Growers is a legal marijuana farm operating in the heart of Humboldt County.  The company is operating 10,000 square-feet “Mixed-Light” use permit.  They grow the cannabis in respect of the environment with the compassion, care, and the consumers. Pacific Cannabis Growers are dedicated to delivering the best medicinal cannabis to their clients and currently getting ready to harvest several HSO strains.


Speak_easy_Cannabis_GrowersSpeakEasy Cannabis Growers represents itself as one of the top cannabis growers in Canada, with a 290-acre facility in the South Okanagan Valley, which is celebrated for its climate conditions and a family legacy grown for more than 120 years. The company shares the decade of knowledge and experience to produce the finest product in the world. SpeakEasy has set the high standard for brands globally, engaging audiences with the story of their people and the excellence of their products.

About Cannabis Drinks Expo

Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco, July  25, 2019, will be the first event to tackle the issue head-on. It will give the worldwide drinks industry, and North America in particular, the chance to come together and look at ways it can address legalized cannabis and find ways to start the fight back against this enormous threat to the future of the overall industry.

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Beverage Trade Network (BTN) is a producer of competitions, conferences, expos and trade shows for the alcohol beverage trade industry around the world. BTN is the alcohol beverage industry’s leading network and is committed to helping importers and distributors find new suppliers from all over the world. BTN hosts events in London, New York, and San Francisco, including the highly acclaimed International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (London and San Francisco), the London Wine Competition (London) and the USA Trade Tasting show (New York).

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