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Indica vs. Sativa

Let’s dig out the Indica vs. Sativa controversy – with all the facts you need to know and much more.

All variations of marijuana plants are not the same as they come in both male and female variety. During the past several decades more than 1000 cannabis have been bred. Some are tall and skinny, others are short and stout and still many others are much smaller. Let’s know the prime cannabis bred indica and sativa with their individual identities.

Where were they Born? – Difference between Indica and Sativa


The origin of indica is from central Asia and Indian subcontinent – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Northern India, Tibet, Nepal, and so on.


Sativa generally originates from the equatorial regions – Thailand, Southern India, Jamaica, Mexico and etc.

How do they look? The physical appearance of Indica and Sativa

Indica is shorter (2-4 feet), bushier, stocky, and dark green plants, with dense, heavy, fragrant buds.

Cannabis indica buds and flowers tend to grow in a dense cluster, having wide leaves & blades with relatively internodal gaps between each cluster.

Whereas, sativa grows taller (up to 6 feet) and skinnier with lighter green plant compare to indica.

Sativa flowers and buds tend to grow longer than indica, as they grow along the length of the branch rather than clustering around the nodes. However, it will weigh less than indica when dry, due to their lower density.

Sativa buds have a lower striking aroma, both when growing and when drying.

Sativa and indica look and color

Harvesting Time – Indica vs Sativa

Indica is faster harvesting/flowering varieties and usually have a harvesting time of 6-8 weeks.  They are a more popular choice for growing in the garden due to their shorter flowering season.

While sativa takes a longer time to harvest than indica. They usually take 9 to 12 weeks to finish blooming. Sativa is not preferred by gardeners as their height is difficult indoors and their lower yields make a reduction in profit.

Harvest time

Popular Strains - Indica and Sativa

Popular strains of indica are:

  1. Master Kush: It’s a popular cross created strains from different parts of Hindu Kush region. The taste is evocative to the famous hard-rubbed charas hash.
  2. White Rhino: A hybrid of white widow and an unknown North American indica strain. It tastes like a rock but a metallic one, woodsy.
  3. Northern Lights: The most famous strains of all the time and a pure indica cherished for its resinous buds. Pungently sweet with spicy aromas radiate from the crystal coated buds.
  4. G-13: This is the strongest strain of cannabis indica which is the subject of many urban legends. The tastes of strain are woodsy, pine and earthy.
  5. Grand Daddy Purple: It’s the famous hybrid of purple urkle and Big Bud. This strain has complex grape and berry aroma from its purple urkle parent.

Popular strains of sativa are:

  1. Blue Dream: It’s a hybrid of blueberry indica and the sativa haze originated from California. Blue Dream delivers a sweet aroma suggestive of its blueberry parent.
  2. Jack Herer: With the combination of a haze hybrid, northern lights and skunk cross, sensi seeds created jack herer. Jack Herer has the woodsy, earth and pine aroma.
  3. Silver Haze: The first seed strain to serve the full strength of haze experience in faster, fatter form. It is a combination of haze with non-dominating indica northern lights. Pungently citrus with an earthy aroma.
  4. Sour Diesel: This is a fascinating sativa dominating strain. With the pungent diesel-like aroma.
  5. White Widow: The most famous strains over the worldwide made up with a combination of Brazilian sativa landrace and heavy south Indian indica. A white widow has the earthy, woody and flowery aroma.

Indica vs Sativa

What are the effects? – Indica vs Sativa

Generally, indica is classified as a stone, meaning it has more centered on the body. Indica tends to reduce energy and are good to consume during an evening or at night time.

The patients get a couchlock, where they become so relaxed that they can barely get up from a sofa. It helps in reducing nausea, relieves migraines and headaches, relaxes muscles and relieves pain.

Sativa’s are preferred by many growers for their high effect despite of their lower weight and longer flowering time.

Cannabis sativa has an exhilarating; pick me up kind of effect that edge to feel happy, creative, uplifting and cerebral. It simulates head high,increased focus, energizes and makes thought-provoking.

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