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Role of Emulsion Technology in the Cannabis Industry

The article below is a brief on emulsion technology, cannabis emulsions, and top companies using cannabis emulsions to create cannabis products.

Cannabis Emulsion and Emulsification

An emulsion is a stable dispersion of two or more immiscible liquids kept in suspension by trace amounts of chemicals known as emulsifiers. Like, a mix is briefly demonstrated by a chef briskly mixing oil into the vinegar to make a dressing but separating the two. Emulsification involves the addition of an emulsifying agent, which successfully unites the oil and water phases without separating them. Emulsification is the term referred to as the technology that converts oil-based cannabinoids to water-soluble emulsions. 

Cannabis producers employ emulsification to make sure that the cannabinoids they extract from cannabis plants can be added to products like drinks, edibles, lotions, and more that taste good, look good, smell good, and have consistent results across all runs of production. The stability of these products extends shelf life and expiration date, partly based on how long the components stay together without separating.

It is crucial to comprehend how and when an emulsion can be incorporated into the production of beverages and edibles. Soda is relatively simple to infuse because there is no sedimentation, whereas kombucha has natural sediments that can be challenging to deal with. In the case of Kombucha, the emulsion will frequently bond to those natural sediments and sink to the bottle's bottom, causing the active ingredient(s) in the beverage to separate and be distributed unevenly. To provide consistent potency and a consistent experience for consumers, various types of beverages need a specialized production procedure.

Some of the top companies using cannabis emulsions to create cannabis products are here. 



Image Source: Vertosa

Vertosa is a science-first cannabis company that creates the most effective and reliable active ingredients for canna-infused products. Vertosa's nano-emulsion technology is used by cannabis brands to create better-tasting beers, tonics,  infused sodas, and edibles. Vertosa is a cannabis infusion company that aids companies like CANN, Wunder, Hi-Fi Hops, and Keef in expertly fusing cannabinoids into their products. In the cannabis sector, they are focused on creating only the best, most effective delivery systems. Customers can enjoy food or beverages that are smoothly infused with cannabis while also receiving the full power of the cannabinoids. Vertosa uses patented, patent-pending and proprietary technology to give its customers the most dependable and potent emulsion ingredients.

Calexo has expanded its flavor profiles to include innovative aromatics such as cucumber citron and citrus rose with the use of Vertosa technology. "A cannabis concentrate is used to create cannabis nano-emulsion" (oil). A powerful ultrasonic technique spins the oil component in this concentrate into nanoparticle size. 

The Vertosa team is committed to using its emulsions to create unique experiences that its clients can share with their customers by being on the front edge of new tools, fashions, and technologies. Your brand's partner, Vertosa, is dedicated to supporting your launch and expansion. You can connect with Vertosa at the Cannabis Drinks Expo happening on July 28, 2022, in San Francisco and August 2, 2022, in Chicago.

Sorse Technology 

SōRSE Technology

Image Source: SōRSE Technology

SōRSE Technology is a leading water-soluble emulsion technology for incorporating functional ingredients like terpene, CBD, and THC infusion into edibles, drinks, nutraceuticals, and personal care products. 

Products containing CBD are available from SoRSE Technology, including edibles, drinks, and topicals. The business also provides full-service product development services, such as scalability, private labeling, cannabis and flavor profile creation, and new product incubator services. With SōRSE Technology, product designers can easily integrate oil-based functional ingredients into finished products and boost their efficacy while giving customers a reliable, secure, and satisfying experience. SRSE powers more than 100 market-leading products, including Cann, Mad Tasty, Jones Soda, and Major, with an R&D and Operations team of over 30 individuals. 

SōRSE offers a network of partners for product development and manufacturing that clients may use to swiftly expand their goods and place them on the market.

With more than 200 years of product development experience, SōRSE Technology used best practices and techniques from the food and beverage sector to create a stable and uniform emulsion that can be easily incorporated into any production process.

Splash Nano

Splash Nano takes immense pride in using only the highest grade Full Spectrum cannabis extracts in their product formulations. The cannabis-infused products ingredients company Splash Nano is an expert in nanoemulsions. 

Kalon Baird, an expert in nanotechnology, is the creator of Splash Nano. This technology platform was developed to make cannabinoids far more potent and bioavailable in response to the need to produce infused beverages.

Splash Nano

Image Source: Splash Nano

Nanoemulsions provide customizable concentrates with active drug loading to satisfy the demands of the finished products. For example, the standard emulsion from Splash Nano can dispense 10 mg of Nano CBD into 5 ml of water. Happy Chance uses Splash Nanotechnology to create their edibles. This employs the least amount of excipient components and can be diluted into a beverage.

Microfluidics International Corporation

Microfluidics International Corporation develops, produces, and sells materials processing equipment. For uniform particle size reduction, cell disruption, and bottom-up crystallization, the company supplies microfluidizers and high-shear fluid processors. It also offers services for preventative maintenance, process development consultancy, and spare parts supply.

Numerous uses for nanoemulsions have been demonstrated in a wide range of business sectors, including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, food and dietary supplement, and industrial and chemical ones.


It has been demonstrated that Microfluidizer® technology is best for producing nanoemulsions, not least because it can improve emulsion stability and enable effective sterile filtration. Additionally, thanks to the fixed geometry Interaction ChambersTM featured on each model, samples as small as 2 mL can be processed with the confidence that this can be scaled up to hundreds of liters per hour on the production scale machines with the same results.

You can connect with Microfluidics International Corporation at the Cannabis Drinks Expo on July 28, 2022, in San Francisco and August 2, 2022, in Chicago. Get your passes today. 

Article By Aakriti Rawat, Cannabis Drinks Expo