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The Journey to Success: Your First Few Thousand Stores

At the 2nd Cannabis Drinks Expo, Andrew Paladino from CBD Living will discuss how to turn your cannabis beverage brand into a success story.

As a whole, the beverage share of the cannabis market is just 1%, as compared to edibles and inhaling cannabis. However, the interest seen in the cannabis beverage market is much higher than that. So, what is stopping brands from finding the road to success?

When starting, there is definitely a point where it is time to press go and charge ahead to get to market.

At the 2nd edition of the Cannabis Drinks Expo, Andrew Paladino - VP of Wholesale Sales at CBD Living Water - will discuss how to turn your cannabis beverage brand into a success story. A lot of times, brands know what to do, but don’t know how or when to do it.

In his session, Paladino will discuss his journey in the industry alongside other companies and products seen in the marketplace. He will be highlighting:

  • Common business themes

  • Issues

  • Strategies to help emerging cannabis beverage brands.

Strategy in the cannabis beverage business is most likely as logical as implementation, like when you have your product nailed down, you have production down, your warehouse is leased and you are ready to get your product to market.

Now what? This question is faced by many and only overcome by few. To solve this, and give emerging brands a detailed plan on things, Paladino will be discussing and covering:

  • Common obstacles

  • Typical day-to-day issues

  • Market factors

  • Production factors

  • Customer service questions

Pretty much everything he has witnessed while distributing CBD Living’s products to an emerging market.

Not completely outside the sphere, the discussion will also be on future issues to be expected, political shifts, media perception and consumer safety questions that are bound to arise for almost every company seeking to enter into the cannabis beverage space. This will be an up-to-date talk with current issues to be faced in the cannabis drinks space from 2020 and on.

Andrew Paladino has been working in Cannabis for well over 20 years with industry experience dating back far before the legalization movement. With connections to many of the successful and respected brands on the market today, he is able to successfully provide insights into the world of Cannabis drinks and products that can be of value to anyone fresh into this area of business. He has been working with CBD Living for 4, nearly 5 years and has watched countless ebbs and flows of an industry that is in a constant shift.

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