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Top 10 Cannabis Infused Drinks Producers

Here is the list of top 10 cannabis-infused drinks producers and their products, every cannabis lover must try.


The Cannabis infused drinks market may hit $600 Million by 2022 in the US. From big brands to startups, everyone is trying to get their piece of cake. Here are some Cannabis Infused Drinks producers that are making a mark in this newly born business vertical.


Cannabiniers is a cannabis brand management company that focuses on providing exceptional, lifestyle integrated consumer products. Cannabiniers sells their cannabis-infused drinks products via their three brands.

Two Roots Brewing Co.

Two Roots Brewing Co.

Two Roots Brewing Co. is a leader in the artisan fusion of cannabis and beer.

Just Society Coffee and Tea Co.

Just Society Coffee and Tea Co.

Just Society beverages elevate the simple essence of coffee and tea, to a curated brewed beverage, which delivers a delicate and refreshing taste.

Bask Herbal Cream

Bask Herbal Cream

BASK Extended Wellness is a line of hemp-derived CBD creams.

Rebel Coast Winery

Rebel Coast Winery was founded by a group of friends in the year 2012. It turned out cannabis and alcohol cannot be sold in the same building and definitely not in the same product. That was when Rebel Coast decided to make the wine, remove the alcohol and replace it with THC.

Rebel Coast Winery

Their final product is a beautiful alcohol-removed cannabis-infused Sauvignon Blanc. The wine does not taste or smell like cannabis, but instead, it is a crisp, clean California Blanc. They added in just enough THC to mimic the intoxicating effects of a glass of wine.

Hill Street Beverage Company

Hill Street Beverage Company is a Toronto, Ontario based Producer of Non-Alcoholic Beers and Wine alongside Non-Alcoholic Cannabis Infused Drinks. They believe in supporting folks who suffer from conditions that conflict with alcohol consumption, along with friends who simply have no interest in boozing. They have three product categories like non – alcoholic wines, non–alcoholic beers and yet to be launched Cannabis Infused Drinks.

Tinley Beverages

The Tinley Beverage Company was founded with a mission to help consumers enjoy cannabis in a familiar classic beverage which is dosed to perfection. Tinley™ Cocktails and Tinley™ ’27 products have reduced amount of sugar and calories than their beverage alcohol counterparts.

Here are a few products offered by Tinley Beverages: -

Lime Margarita and Flying Mule


Lime Margarita is a single-serving, alcohol-free, ready-to-drink twist on the popular classic cocktail.


Flying mule is a classic Moscow Mule-inspired cocktail. It is an alcohol-free, crafted with ginger beer, lime essences and pineapple jack sativa.

Coconut Rum Extract


The Coconut rum extracts have 80mg THC which can be sipped on the rocks or with soda, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, lime, Tinley™ Amaretto or Tinley™ Lemon-Lime Hemplify®.

Amaretto Extract


The Almond liqueur extracts come with an Italian twist. It Contains 80mg THC which can be sipped on the rocks or serve with lemon-lime soda, orange juice, cherry, and coffee, Tinley™ Coconut Rum or Tinley™ Mixed Berry Hemplify®.

Cinnamon Whisky Extracts


Cinnamon Whisky Extract is a fiery blend of cinnamon, Whisky extracts and 80mg THC. You can drink 1.5oz straight up or mix with cider, tea, milk, Tinley™ Amaretto or Tinley™ Tropical Hemplify®.

Hemplify Elixir


Each HEMPLIFY®HEMP CBD ELIXIR supplement also includes 9x the electrolyte potassium of major sports drinks, 200mg Omega 3, plus daily multivitamins including 100% Vitamins B12, C & D and excellent doses of Vitamins A, B1, B3, B5, B6 and E.

Keef Brands

Keef Brands was founded in the year 2010 by Scott, Kelly and Eric Knutson at Boulder, Colorado, US.Keef, or kief, is a heavy concentration of trichomes consisting of high levels of THC and other cannabinoids.

Keef Brands have 7 product categories

  • Keef Cola
  • Keef Sparkling
  • Keef Life
  • Keef Shots

Keef Cola

Keef Cola

Keef Colas are infused with a dose of vitamin C and B3, B6 and B12. They come in an assortment of flavours such as Blue Dream (a Hybrid strain with raspberry flavour), Purple Passion (an Indica strain that tastes like grape soda), High Octane (a Sativa strain compared to Mountain Dew), Bubba Kush Root Beer (an Indica Strain, voted best flavour of the 2015 High Times Magazine), Keef Cola (a cola original), Lemonade Grenade, Menert Mule, and Orange Kush (a Hybrid strain orange soda).

Keef Life

Keep Life

This non-carbonated, fruity drink is made with CO2-extracted cannabis oil, reverse osmosis water, agave, monk fruit and natural flavours, which make it extra tangy and smooth with just a hint of cannabis taste. This 100 per cent sativa drink is fast-acting and a great way to consume cannabis, as it’s refreshing during the daytime. Its effects produce an uplifted mood, inspiration and euphoria, as well as energy, mental focus and creativity.

Keef Sparkling

Keef Sparkling

Keef Sparkling is Cannabis infused sparkling water. It has zero calories and zero sugar. It comes in two flavours Blood Orange and Lemon.

Keef Shots

Keef Shots

Keef Shots is available in three flavours Purple Passion with 300 Mg THC, Lemonade with 100 Mg THC and Blue Razz with 300 Mg THC.



Mood33 was created by people seeking smoke-free cannabis experiences to enhance their diverse lifestyles and consumption preferences. It is inspired by the ancient herbal remedy, Ayurveda principles and traditional Chinese herbal medicines. Mood33 infusions were created for mood-based benefits – each infused with synergistic herbs and terpene blends that have been known to provide targeted benefits for wellness seeking consumers.



Sprig CBD Soda is a naturally sweetened beverage, infused with 20mg of CBD, the most widely-known non-psychoactive compound in hemp. CBD does not get you high, unlike THC. Each Sprig CBD drink is infused with 20mg of premium CBD isolate. Their products are made from all-natural, agricultural hemp. They blend their products with natural flavours to create one tasty, relaxing beverage. Sprig is made in a state-of-the-art, food-grade production facility with the utmost care for the safety and satisfaction of our customers.


Hempfy drinks bring out the best flavours and aromas from the Cannabis plant, by perfectly balancing the gentle herbal bitterness, a rich taste and light carbonation. A direct infusion of the highest quality fresh hemp is the base for Cannabis Bitter Lime and Cannabis Sweet Lime. Hempfy’s cannabis tonics contain organic terpenes and traces of phytocannabinoids, the compounds that occur naturally in the cannabis plant.


The synergy between terpenes and phytocannabinoids create the main contributor to positive experience derived from consuming raw cannabis. They have carefully preserved these compounds by refining their recipe and with the outstanding quality of the Hempfy cannabis drinks.



VYBES is an organic beverage made with Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol). Hemp-derived CBD helps your body naturally achieve homeostasis by regulating your anxiety, stress, mood, sleep, memory and other key functions.

California Dreamin

California Dreamin' is made of simply fruit juice, cannabis, and carbonation. Their drinks are carefully crafted to not only taste great but give you a light, fun buzz with 10 mg of THC.

Californian Dreamin

Their special formulation means you'll feel the effects in as little as 20 minutes, less than half the time of your typical edible.