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Flavorman - Kentucky based Beverage Development Company

For more than 25 years, Flavorman has been leading in the beverage product development and flavoring industry with over 40K+ flavors.

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Flavorman`s founder David Dafoe, an expert on flavour recognizes the need for technical innovation in the beverage industry. Hence Dave created a company that specializes in the technical side of beverage development. Beverage development is the term used for the process of creating a commercial drink. The main intention of the development of a beverage is to sell it to the customer. The “recipe” for a commercial beverage is known as the formulation. A custom beverage formulation consists of components like flavour, colour, sweetener, acids, vitamins, minerals, and functional additives like caffeine, herbal extracts, and preservatives. A commercial beverage needs to meet FDA guidelines and needs to be consistently duplicated, unlike a kitchen recipe.


Flavorman`s clients range from start-up entrepreneurs to major international players in the global beverage market. They have developed more than 50,000 flavour and beverages as of now.

The process is very simple. When a client calls Flavorman, Their Technical Director will listen to your idea, answer your questions, and discuss the best way to go about creating your beverage. When you are ready to start, they will send a proposal outlining the parameters of your project.

Every beverage they create is a custom formulation based on the collaboration between Flavorman and their clients. Their beverages are developed on a project-by-project basis. Therefore, they do not sell private-label products.

They have developed the drinks for hundreds of brands and thousands of products. Their clients range from start-up entrepreneurs to some of the biggest names in the global market. While some brands are household names and most you won’t recognise. Flavorman is strictly a technical company, and beverage development is their primary focus. They develop products for their clients, and their clients retain sole ownership of their formulations. Flavorman does not own or market any brand, which allows them to service their clients with the diligence and confidentiality they require, without conflicting interests.

They charge a project fee to develop a beverage which covers a small portion of the resources used and depends on the complexity of the project, the timetable required, and the desired ingredients for inclusion. They can give you an idea of the cost to develop your beverage once they know more about your project.


As a practice, they do execute mutual non-disclosure agreements that allow individuals and businesses to fully discuss their confidential projects without fear that the other party will wrongfully use or disclose their confidential or proprietary information. At Flavorman, they never want their prospective clients to feel uncomfortable. Their approach to new and all business are to be candid and open and to create a good and comfortable relationship.

Flavorman does not own or sell any brands. They develop products for their clients, and their clients retain sole ownership of their formulations.


Flavourman has won the following awards;-

  • 2016 National Small Business Person of the Year 3rd Runner-Up
  • 2016 Kentucky Small Business Person of the Year
  • 2014 ICIC Inner City 100 (also 2010, 2009, 2008)
  • 2014 Louisville Business First Fast 50
  • 2013 Inc.credible Award for Small Business of the Year by Greater Louisville Inc.
  • 2013 Ernst & Young South Central Ohio & Kentucky Finalist
  • 2009 Chase Award for Commitment and Adherence to Kosher Guidelines and Standards
  • 2008 Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility
  • 2008 High Impact Portfolio of Businesses in Louisville
  • 2008 “Superior Rating” from AIB International

Flavourman insists on setting the highest standards for research, quality, and client support that is what has made Flavorman a trend-setting force. Flavorman’s unique, collaborative approach to client relationships sets it apart in a competitive industry.