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The Finest Spirit that complements Indian flavour – Somrus

Somrus is a premium Liqueur from SomPriya Fine Spirits LLC., which brings the whole new experience of Indian flavors mixed with Caribbean rum


Sompriya Fine Spirits LLC. was co-founded on February 16, 2012 at Chicago, Illinois by Entrepreneur Pankaj Garg and his wife Swati Garg. Sompriya, a premium spirits company aims at bringing age-old, traditional and delectable flavours from the Indian Sub-Continent. Sompriya translates to “Dear to Gods” in Hindi. Its idea was in fact a message to Pankaj on a routine flight to India from heavens above. On a return flight from one of his routine trips to India, SomPriya’s founder, an erstwhile management consultant, wanted an alcoholic drink to follow his India inspired dinner and Rasmalai, a traditional Indian dessert.  Given the limited choices aboard, he ordered Bailey’s. Although it was good, it just wasn’t right. The flavours of the dessert and beverage didn’t mesh properly; the slightly spicy meal followed by creamy rasmalai was not entirely complemented by Bailey’s flavour profile. Something was missing and at 35,000 feet, like a manna from heaven, the founder had his "ah-ha" moment.

SomPriya's mission is to expose the world to the wealth of flavours from the Indian subcontinent through the creation of rich, cream and non-cream liqueurs crafted from the timeless recipes and taste profiles of this ancient land.

Liqueurs are defined by the flavours and tastes of the regions and countries from which they originate. Baileys represents Ireland, Cointreau and Grand Marnier, France and Kahlua reflect the culture and flavours of Mexico to name a few; but none adequately satisfy a culture and a people who by and large crave creamy desserts and flavorful libations. The founder discovered what was going to make him and his wife and co-founder, the entrepreneurs they had dreamed of being in order to write their own future together.

SomPriya’s products consist of only the finest, purest and most robust natural ingredients with centuries-old connections to Indian culture, heritage and food. Through tried and true techniques, they are then combined with premium spirits and in some cases, pure dairy cream to create mouthwatering and authentic representations of an entire continent.


About Somrus

Somrus is an aromatic and delicious liqueur, which is uniquely flavorful and refreshing with a decadent finish. It was awarded by Wine Enthusiast with 94 Points. It was also ranked in Top 50 Spirits in the year 2014. Somrus, The Original Indian Cream Liqueur, 13.5% ABV (27 Proof) 750 ml. The company's first product, Somrus, meaning "Nectar of Gods," has references dating to 2600 BC as a divine beverage for the Gods and is purported to have had the power to prevent the human body from degeneration.  Using proprietary techniques, SomPriya artfully blends pure dairy cream and hand-crafted Caribbean rum with the luscious flavours of cardamom, saffron, almonds, pistachios and rose to create the 21st-century 'incarnation' of Somrus .It is meant to be enjoyed on its own, mixed in a cocktail, baked in a sweet dessert or added to a cup of chai. Somrus reinvents the taste, tranquillity and euphoria of drinking the mythical elixir of gods. The Gold coated and UV protected, custom-made glass bottle draws inspiration from an ancient Indian decanter creating appealing nostalgia and setting it apart from anything else on the shelf.

It is an established fact that Indians have a sweet tooth! Wherever one travels in the country, the markets and bazaars are lined with local sweetshops or "Mithai" shops as they are called. There is a smorgasbord of sweets on display, ranging from sublime to decadent, all made with traditional, eastern spices and nuts. Either these sweets are dry, semi-dry or are immersed into delectable emulsions. Pure dairy cream plays a vital role in many of these sweets and desserts, conspicuously or otherwise.

In the class of sweets where pure dairy cream or milk is visible (i.e. Ras Malai, Rabri, Kulfi, Kheer, Phirni, Payasam or Basundi), the dessert itself is infused with a variety of flavours derived from cardamom, saffron, pistachios, almonds or rose. These desserts are incredibly satisfying, particularly after an Indian meal. Somrus derives its inspiration from these desserts while delicately balancing strong flavours of each of the spices and nuts that are used to create it.

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