San Francisco | JULY 30,2020

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The Premium Flavoring Solutions Provider – Sovereign Flavors

Sovereign Flavors is a California based Beverage Flavor Formulations Provider that focuses on Research and Development as well as commercialization of flavors.

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Sovereign Flavors is one of the largest Research & Development labs where commercially scalable beverage formulations are crafted. Based on customer’s tastes and requirements, they compound new flavours every day from the ground up. Their separate, ventilated flavour lab prevents cross-contamination from the application lab. Their R&D team consists of flavour chemists, beverage technologists and food scientists. Each team member holds a minimum BS degree in Food Science, while the majority of their R&D team has earned their Master’s degree in Food Science.

You can also visit their on-site tasting lab and take a tour of our facility! Centrally located in the heart of Orange County, Sovereign Flavours is less than seven miles from John Wayne Airport (SNA) and easily navigated from most major freeways.

They strive to provide the highest quality of flavours to the Beverage, Dairy, and Food Industries. They offer the best service available in the industry, at a price which represents an extraordinary value to their customers. Their experienced management team draw upon available global resources to deliver imaginative flavour solutions for their customer’s individual requirements. They respond to every need starting from conceptualization to product and process development, through pilot testing, production and quality assurance. They understand that their customers may need a specially formulated flavour delivered in packaging consistent with their facilities needs. With this understanding, their custom orders do not necessarily mean that the initial order must be a truckload minimum. Their promise to our customers is that they will be there from start to finish, no matter the size or difficulty of the job.

At Sovereign Flavours, it is their mission to craft the best tasting finished beverages and highest quality flavours in the industry. Their experienced beverage technologists formulate all kinds of finished drinks, according to your needs and specifications, while their flavour chemists create custom flavours (natural, organic, non-GMO, or TTB) that can be used in a variety of different applications. Their customer-centred culture will make you feel confident in your finished product and encouraged from start to finish.

They have an extensive library of 1000+ flavours to enhance your finished products. If you want to create a new flavour or make adjustments to one of their existing flavours, their certified flavour chemists can custom formulate a flavour specifically for your application.

Sovereign Flavours consists of over 30+ skilled individuals, all of whom inherently provide extraordinary value to their team and customers. Their production “batch-men” have a combined 100 years experience in the flavour and food industry. Over the last 3 years, their production team has performed with a 99.5% track record of accuracy in the batches they have produced.

Their Quality Assurance Team is responsible for inspecting all incoming raw materials for approval before being assimilated into production. Their QA team also oversees the quality of production batches, Certificate of Analysis (COA’s), shipping documents, labelling and all pertinent documentation being sent to the customer with each order. The Regulatory Team compiles all of the necessary paperwork in regards to 3rd party audits, allergen statements, Gluten Statements, Non-GMO Statements, Kosher Certifications, Safety Data Sheets, Specification Sheets, and any other certifications, documentation, or statements requested by our customers.

You may have noticed that your favourite sparkling essence water, soda, energy drink or cocktail mixer has “natural flavour” or “natural and artificial flavour”, or even “organic flavour” listed on the ingredient declaration. Flavours are made up of aromatic chemical compounds and they are added to food and beverage for various reasons. The primary purpose is to introduce a new flavour that is not already present or to improve the overall flavour in a formulation. Adding flavour can also boost a particular flavour that was diminished in the processing and manufacturing of the finished product. In short, flavour enhances the consumer’s tasting experience and provides consistency from batch to batch.