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Oyster Room: Session I - 30 October 2020 (9 AM to 11 AM)

2020 Data and Trends In Cannabis Beverages

Elizabeth has hands-on experience with Business development, team leadership, key account acquisition and development, data analysis, data story-telling, high-level consulting, industry expertise, public speaking. And considered an expert on industry analysis and converting data into meaningful insights and actionable strategies . In her session She will be sharing 2020 Data and Trends In Cannabis Beverages

Building a National Cannabis Brand

Dennis O’Malley is the CEO and President of Caliva. It is the largest vertically integrated company based in the State of California. Owning his own brand, Dennis will help the attendees to learn more about the elements to build a national cannabis brand. 

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What does a Great Distribution Partner in Cannabis Look Like?

In this new world of Cannabis, the distribution model is still developing. Great distributors need to understand the challenges of both the brands that they carry and the retailers that they sell to. From a service-oriented culture to a marketing strategy built on partnerships, distributors are built to connect this emerging supply chain, making it more turn-key and efficient for brands to effectively get their products into the hands of retailers. This talk will outline the current distribution model and various iterations in different states in the US. Learn what to look for in a great distributor from both a brand and retailer perspective with case studies, success stories and “watch-outs” from brands, distributors and retailers.


Regulatory Market Update For Canna Growers : Growers Panel

Shivawn Brady is the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance for Justice Grown, a national hemp and cannabis company, and she personally holds a 250 acre industrial hemp cultivation license in the state of North Carolina. She is a board member with the Sonoma County Growers Alliance and the Sonoma County Conservation Action Fund for Education, and she is the CEO of the Cannabis Business Association of Sonoma County. Shivawn will be talking on the Regulatory Market Update For Canna Growers

Navigating the Complex Web of Multi-State Cannabis Advertising Regulations

Michael Pizzo is Director of Content & Creative for Justice Grown, a multi-state cannabis operator that holds a collection of 13 licenses across 7 states. Pizzo was previously responsible for helping define the brand identity for Tryke Companies / Reef Dispensary through various content and creative initiatives. Michael will be sharing insights on Navigating the Complex Web of Multi-State Cannabis Advertising Regulations

Oyster Room: Session II - 30 October 2020 (1 PM to 3 PM)

From Edibles to Infused Beverages, Insights and Observations from a Leading Cannabis Brand

Caroline Yeh, the Director of Commercialization of Kiva Confections, has been a part of the cannabis industry for over 3 years, having previously worked at Bloom Farms before joining the Kiva Confections team in 2018.  She has overseen the development and commercialization of over two dozen skus in her first 13 months at Kiva. During this interactive discussion, she talks about the reasons why the leading edibles brand in California is entering the infused beverage space, and what challenges, insight and observations she’s made in overseeing the product development and commercialization process. Overseeing cross functional teams at Kiva, Caroline will discuss the unique challenges that infused beverage has brought to the R&D, design, and operations teams, and how Kiva has worked to resolve problems that are unique to the emerging infused beverage space. 

Tapping Into The Untapped Market For Your Cannabis Beverage Products

The legal market for cannabis products across the US is $10BN, the non-legal or informal market is 7x more than that. In this session, we are going to talk about this untapped market, why it exists, why it continues to thrive and what you as an existing brand or upcoming brand can do to ensure you are reaching this market and helping them transition into purchasing your legal product. We will be discussing what you need to know when developing and marketing your brand when you market for the rest of us. We will consider that premium or luxury brands are actually not what the bulk of the existing consumers are looking for in the drinks. Finally, we will talk about how beverages can be an equalizer both in quality and in cost-effectiveness for the market.

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Building A National Brand Pitching

Michael Christopher overcame debilitating childhood lung ailments (double pneumonia) and adult-asthma to become a full scholarship collegiate athlete who went on to launch multiple startup businesses across entertainment, media, mobile software and CPG industries.  He served as former Activations Director and the third hire for BreadcrumbPro Point-of-Sale (acquired by Groupon, Inc. in 2012) where he led product activations from beta launch to serving over 5000 active mobile payments and point-of-sale merchants across the nation, processing thousands of orders and hundreds of millions of dollars of payments for restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. Michael will focus on how to build a National Brand Pitching.

Regulatory Panel

Baden Room: Session I - 30 October 2020 (9 AM to 11 AM)

Distribution For Cannabis Beverages

The cannabis infused drink market is poised for explosive growth.  To unlock the huge growth potential of this disruptive segment within cannabis, several key things that must happen.   Chris Cuvelier, Head of Beverage and Executive Team Member at Caliva, will discuss key trends within the overall cannabis industry, current state of the cannabis drink category, key trends within infused beverages, where he believes the industry is going and the keys to success.  Keys to success will be consumer experiences, technology for beverages, distribution, and how to position your beverage brand/company to be successful.  Chris is currently building and expanding a portfolio of cannabis infused and hemp CBD drinks for the mainstream market and is directly involved with formulation, packaging, branding, distribution, merchandising, activation and overall execution.  

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How To Grow Your CBD Beverage Distribution Footprint

Michael Lewis is the CEO and co-founder of Sprig and a recognized expert within the cannabisspace. From speaking on industry panels to consulting for financial institutions, Michael is often turned to for his thought leadership regarding commercialization of cannabis products for mainstream market use.

Prior to Sprig, Michael was an equity analyst at a private investment fundand a frequent contributor at leading investment research website, The Motley Fool. In 2013, Michael joined Ghost Management Group, the parent company of Weedmaps, where he assisted ownership in corporate strategy and business development. He will be discussing on How To Grow Your CBD Beverage Distribution Footprint

Baden Room: Session II - 30 October 2020 (1 PM to 3 PM)

The Journey to Success: Your First Few Thousand Stores

This topic will discuss a case study of my journey alongside other companies and products seen in the marketplace, highlighting common business themes, issues, and strategies to help the emerging brand. When starting there is definitely a point where it is time to press go and charge ahead to get to market. Strategy in our business is most likely as logical as implementation, like when you have your product nailed down, you have production down, your warehouse is leased and you are ready to get your product to market. Now what? This question is faced by many, and only overcome by few. We will be discussing and covering common obstacles, typical day-to-day issues, market factors, production factors, customer service questions and pretty much everything I have witnessed while distributing our product to an emerging market. Not completely outside the sphere of discussion will also be future issues to be expected, political shifts, media perception and consumer safety questions that are bound to arise for most every company seeking to enter into this space. This will be an up-to-date talk with current issues to be faced in the cannabis drinks space from 2020 and on. 

The Engaged Consumer: Why Cannabis Education is Crucial

As cannabis moves out of the shroud of prohibition, curious new consumers are attracted to this product category in increasing numbers. But a lack of knowledge is still an intimidating obstacle for many people.  Anna will address the importance of helping customers understand basic cannabis science, including: 
- how products are sourced and produced,
- the effects they create in the body
- how to choose a safe and quality product - considering bioavailability
- finding an optimal personal portion
- best practices for use

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"Water-Soluble" Cannabinoids Produced by High-intensity Ultrasound: Formulation Development and Scale-up

Oral administration of cannabinoids (e.g., as edibles or oil capsules), while being arguably the most convenient and discreet, is the route that suffers from the lowest bioavailability and the most delayed onset of action when compared with such harsher delivery methods as pulmonary, intranasal and sublingual. Since they are strongly hydrophobic (insoluble in water), cannabinoids cannot undergo gastrointestinal absorption until they are incorporated into mixed micelles, which are slowly formed during hydrolysis of co-administered triglycerides in the small intestine. While this step is necessary to allow cannabinoids to migrate through the unstirred water layer to the intestinal absorptive cells, it drastically delays the absorption process (~1 hour to onset of effect, ~4 hours to peak blood concentration) and reduces its efficiency (bioavailability is in the range of 6 - 10%). In addition, since cannabinoid nanoemulsions are translucent and fully water-compatible, they can be readily mixed into and administered as beverages, without compromising their appearance (e.g., optical clarity) and ensuring better consumer experience.

This presentation will demonstrate how to design and manufacture such formulations using scalable high-intensity ultrasonic processing, and discuss absorption pathways of nano-emulsified cannabinoids from the small intestine into the bloodstream.    


Oyster Room: Session I - 3 August 2021 (9 AM to 11 AM)

Oyster Room: Session II - 3 August 2021 (1 PM to 3 PM)

Baden Room: Session I - 3 August 2021 (9 AM to 11 AM)

Baden Room: Session II - 3 August 2021 (1 PM to 3 PM)