Meet our 2023 speakers

Randy Reed

Chief Scientific Officer of Lehua Brands

Randy Reed is Chief Science Officer, and a co-founder of Lehua Brands, California. He has nearly 20 years of experience in cannabis extraction, business development, cannabinoid formulation and delivery systems, patient education, product development and commercialization.  He is a decorated commercial cannabis scientist who's invented patented technoloies for full-spectrum cannabis manufacturing.  Earning over thirty awards in the worlds most respected cannabis competitions, Randy has gained a reputation for quality and innovation.  He’s created novel products like CO2 Live Resin and “Terp Tonics”, the world's first cultivar specific beverage.  As a thought leader in the cannabis industry; Randy regularly publishes in trade journals, is a featured speaker at cannabis science conferences, and is featured in books, magazines, webinars, and podcasts.  He is currently the consulting scientist to the largest class-action cannabis case in California history.  Randy holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences from the University of Washington.