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2023 Cannabis Drinks Expo Theme Announced

Cannabis Drinks Expo, organized by Beverage Trade Network, will mark the biggest global gathering of the cannabis drinks industry on  July 27, 2023, in San Francisco, California


The cannabis drinks business is now divided into state-by-state segments. Therefore, the Cannabis Drinks Expo will be an effort to broaden market participants' perspectives on the industry's national dimensions. All parties involved in the global beverages sector are now more interested since regulatory and legal changes at the state level are now showing the potential to be expanded to a genuinely national level.

At this year's show, the stakeholders participated in an extensive study to determine the theme for 2023. After reviewing over 50 input forms and consulting with MSOs, Co-Packers, and other category influencers, we have concluded that the subject for 2023 will again be "Growing the Category." 

The 2023 theme is broken down into four major pillars below. All year-long marketing will be done for each pillar to support the category's expansion.

Creating End Consumer Pull 

Creating end-user demand is one of the biggest challenges our category of cannabis drinks faces. To increase consumer knowledge of cannabis beverages, CDE will collaborate with speakers, attendees, exhibitors, and the media. The eventual customer demand will assist dispensaries and stores in stocking cannabis beverages, assisting the entire supply chain.

Educating Consumers on Cannabis Beverages

The second pillar of CDE will be educating end consumers about the technical aspects of cannabis beverages and the benefits of "trying" them. In the upcoming 12 months, CDE will collaborate with important influencers to inform current cannabis users about cannabis drinks and craft beer, wine, and spirits lovers about how cannabis beverages may also be consumed socially.

State Bottlenecks

One of the most frequent comments CDE received was that it would be beneficial to have additional state co-packers and MSOs at both sites because they are essential to removing some of the legal and logistical barriers in the US market. In 2023, CDE will endeavor to secure show space for top MSOs and co-packers. The distribution of both established and emerging brands will be aided by this.

International Theme

An international panel and discussions on how brands can partner with US companies and how US companies may partner with foreign companies to thrive will be held in 2023, which will also prioritize attracting international participants.

All the above pillars will focus on one main goal, i.e. “Growing the category.”

Why attend and participate in the Cannabis Drinks expo 2023?

-The show is off to a terrific start, with 40% of exhibitors signing up for 2023 on event days. This enables us to publicize the event and the genre in advance. Beginning on September 1, CDE will conduct written and video interviews with each of its 2023 exhibitors and begin creating content that will assist raise awareness of the category.

-Get super early bird pricing and save.

-To align the show with the overarching theme of 2023, we have allocated 20% of the slots for MSOs, international suppliers and brands, and co-packers. Consequently, there are only 40% of the exhibitor slots left.

-If you change your mind before January 31, 2023, a full refund will be given. So, we urge you to secure your position and join the rising momentum.

-By doing interviews with each of its exhibitors for its new magazine, The Cannabis Reader, as well as for The Wine Whiskey Weed Show (Soundcloud) and The Wine Whiskey Weed Show, CDE hopes to provide greater value to its exhibitors (Youtube)

-On social media, brands and exhibitors will be highlighted and advertised right away. We will start encouraging exhibitors to record a 60-second presentation for their brand in selfie mode on September 1; this pitch will then be shown at the 2023 conference and promoted on social media all year. We will provide each exhibitor with the revised files.

A few other areas where the 2023 Cannabis Drinks Expo will focus include: 

-More visitors from other states. More MSOs and retail buyers. More Co-packers
-We are improving communication with our exhibitors on what is included in their tickets. Like lunch, wifi, and cocktail party invites.
-We are bringing together the press and media to attend the shows. We will make an effort to invite other media, influencers, and journalists to the show. Both before and after the show, they will aid in expanding the category.
-The conference planning for 2023 will also feature panels for investors, press, and lawyers.
-Quality of the visitors. We received great feedback on the quality of visitors, and we will aim to maintain that.
-Company Pitch Sessions: CDE may introduce brand pitch sessions, during which each brand will have 15 minutes to present its services. Visitors can ask the business for further information, producing leads for the business to follow up. Four slots will be available per city.
-Greater show. In 2023, CDE will host 100 exhibitors in each city.
-Increased expenditures on the show's aesthetics and décor.
-Collaborations with merchants and distributors of wine, beer, and spirits, among other beverage groups. For example, associations with craft beer. The Craft Growers Brewers Association. 

We invite you to help us “Grow the Category” by attending the 2023 Cannabis Drinks Expo. 

To know more about the Cannabis Drinks Expo show, please visit Cannabis Drinks Expo

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