Cannabis drinks industry leaders are planning to meet on May 22-23, 2025, in Chicago at the Cannabis Drinks Expo. The event, which is being organized by Beverage Trade Network, will mark the biggest global gathering of the cannabis drinks industry and is expected to draw some of the biggest names from within the industry.

With the cannabis drinks industry currently segmented along with a state-by-state basis, the Cannabis Drinks Expo will be an attempt to widen the perspective of market participants on the national dimensions of the industry. Regulatory and legal changes at the state level are now showing the potential to be expanded to a truly national level, and that has raised the interest level of all participants within the global drinks industry.

Since the event is being hosted in San Francisco, one focal point of the one-day expo will be the emerging relationship between the state’s wine industry and the state’s newly legalized recreational cannabis industry. While many winemakers and grape growers initially viewed the rise of the cannabis industry as a threat, the competitive dynamics have recently shifted. Now, winemakers appear ready to seize new opportunities for collaboration.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco will feature wine and cannabis industry experts, distributors, and retailers, as well as political and legal analysts, medical researchers, and marketing & branding experts. They will discuss topics such as the current regulatory and policy landscape for cannabis drinks, licensing requirements, and market opportunities within the hospitality and tourism sectors.

In addition to a trade show floor showcasing the latest products and services, the expo will feature a one-day business conference. Speakers from the cannabis drinks industry will discuss a range of important topics, including:

  • What innovations are coming to market soon in the cannabis drinks industry
  • Insights and observations about the current legal and regulatory environment
  • New business models for the cannabis drinks industry
  • New routes to market and distribution channels for the cannabis drinks industry

“Choosing San Francisco as the host city for the venue just made a lot of sense,” says Sid Patel, CEO, and founder of Beverage Trade Network. “We’ve hosted events in San Francisco previously for the global wine and spirits industry, and California has now emerged as an influential voice determining the future growth of the cannabis drinks industry.”

Exhibitor registration for Cannabis Drinks Expo is now open, but spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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