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CannaClub is for the cool kids. Are You In?

What is CannaClub?

Cannaclub at UCLA seeks to ignite student engagement in the cannabis space to create a community centered around interdisciplinary research, social innovation, and entrepreneurship. Cannaclub at UCLA will foster discussions around the emerging cannabis industry through the coordination of awareness campaigns, information sessions, networking opportunities, events, and services. They will work diligently to educate and support their network of students by equipping them with the multi-disciplinary tools to navigate the cannabis landscape. They hope to cultivate a student community that is knowledge-oriented, socially responsible, and innovative.

Cannaclub at UCLA is an official student organization focused on the cannabis space. Their goals are to crush the stigma surrounding cannabis through education and to connect students with opportunities in the expanding legal industry.  

CannabClub joins the dots of the untapped, different, and developing category of cannabis. 

1) Education

2) Advocacy

3) Opportunities 

In the world of the cannabis category growing with its legalization, business, products & acceptance, users & consumers are growing as well. 

Learning about it, education, and information will bring a sense of professionalism, acceptance & correct ways in order to deal with the industry. 

And when we say, it’s for the cool kids, we mean it's for the growing youth, the mass, the enthusiasts!

Few Reasons You Should Be EducatingYourself & Be In the Cannabis Industry if you are interested:

1) The niche is underrated

2) It's one of the fastest-growing industries globally

3) Its fun, exciting and streamlined

4) So many varieties of products, CBD-infused beverages, oils, skin care, medical, etc. 

5) High demand and innovation

This being said, if you are interested in the Cannabis Category, You should definitely be there at the Cannabis Drinks Expo

Where in one of the conferences, Maha Haq, Founder of Canna Club, will be speaking and talking about her valuable insights in the category!

This will help you grow, value, network in the category, and take the next step to lead, or should I say, be the cool kid! Haha. 

Maha Haq, Founder of Cannaclub

Image: Maha Haq, Founder of Cannaclub

Director of Retail Marketing at StateHouse Holdings as the 14 amazing retail locations throughout CA (Harborside & Urbn Leaf).

Cannabis Drinks Expo

ATTEND SAN FRANCISCO                                                                      ATTEND CHICAGO

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The article was written by Kiran Krishnani, Beverage Trade Network