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10 Leading Cannabis Dispensaries in Chicago

Looking for a cannabis dispensary in Chicago? Here are the 10 leading cannabis dispensaries of Chicago you ought to check out.

The legalization of cannabis in Illinois has brought up a lot of opportunities for businesses and consumers. The canna-growing state is expanding its dispensaries, with new ones popping up here and there for both medical and recreational cannabis.

So if you’re someone who is getting into the world of cannabis, whether consumption or business, here are 10 leading cannabis dispensaries in Chicago that you can benefit from.

  1. MOCA - Modern Cannabis Dispensary

Located in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, MOCA is a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary. Along with the regular canna-products, MOCA also offers a daily menu for both medical and recreational cannabis, with different products on the menu daily, with different deals going on during the week.

MOCA - Modern Cannabis Dispensary

Photo Credits: MOCA - Modern Cannabis Dispensary


  1. Dispensary 33

Grabbing a spot on the list of 10 leading cannabis dispensaries in Chicago is Dispensary 33. Dispensary 33 was Chicago’s first-ever dispensary and now offers both recreational and medical marijuana. The dispensary also offers an application for free cannabis, for those who can’t afford the strains and products.


  1. Verilife Dispensary

Verilife dispensaries are spread out across the United States, with locations in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The Chicago location, located on Arlington Heights Rd is said to be Chicago’s finest. With helpful and friendly budtenders, Verilife offers some of the best canna-experiences you’re in for.


  1. NuMed Chicago

Located in North Ave, NuMed Chicago offers a wide range of cannabis edibles, drinks, and strains at their dispensary. The best part? If you’re looking to transfer your dispensary experience to NuMed, then it’s one of the easiest processes to go through. Different products include flowers, concentrates, edibles, tinctures and much more.


  1. GreenGate Chicago

Grabbing a spot on our 10 leading cannabis dispensaries in Chicago is GreenGate. Located in Rogers Ave, GreenGate is an all medical cannabis dispensary. At GreenGate Chicago, they provide a welcoming environment, along with the promise that their patients will receive personalized assistance from a medical cannabis expert.


  1. MedMen Chicago

Finding a very obvious spot on the 10 leading cannabis dispensaries in Chicago list is MedMen. With stores across the United States, MedMen is known for its products and service. Not only is MedMen a leading dispensary in Chicago, but is also one of the leading dispensaries across the country.

MedMen Chicago

Photo Credits: MedMen Chicago


  1. Zen Leaf Chicago

Zen Leaf is known for its way of treating patients with medical cannabis. Budtenders are known to be some of the best across the nation, and the dispensary provides a comfortable experience, with a wide range of products - so consumers can find the perfect one for them. Along with that, Zen Leaf also offers an education path for cannasumers, to help them understand the different uses, and types of consumption.


  1. 3C Compassionate Care Center

3C Compassionate Care Center was named the #1 dispensary in Illinois by Green Rush Daily. With their wide range of products and consecutive customers, the dispensary donates 20% of all profits to research efforts to cure neurological conditions such as SCI, MS, ALS, and others.


  1. Midway

Midway Dispensary is another one to grab a spot on our list of the 10 leading cannabis dispensaries in Chicago. The dispensary is known for its impeccable medical attention given to patients, and a wide range of products offered at the Chicago location. The medical and recreational dispensary also offers medical marijuana patients the option to shop from their online store.


  1. SunnySide

A medical and recreational dispensary located in Clark St, SunnySide offers great customer service with impeccably trained budtenders who will be there to help you from beginning to end. The dispensary has a wide range of products within the categories of vapes, concentrates, edibles, and topicals.


Photo Credits: SunnySide


Header Image Source: Dispensary 33

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