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20 Leading Cannabis Dispensaries in Oregon

Get to know these 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon including Green Mart, Green Cross Cannabis Emporium, Electric Lettuce, and more.

In 1973, Oregon became the first state within the US to decriminalize usage of cannabis. 46-years later, the Oregon cannabis market has turned into a behemoth, with sleek-looking cannabis dispensaries scattered all throughout the state. But which are some of the best dispensaries in the Beaver State?

Let’s take a look at the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon.

  1. Green Mart - 

Quoted by cannabis enthusiasts in Oregon as “The best dispensary around, period.” Green Mart is a one-stop-shop, offering a large variety of non-GMO, organic cannabis and cannabis accessories. Regular visitors recommend the CBD Critical Cure Cartridge by Peak Extracts as the product to buy from this dispensary. Green Mart enjoys its status as one of the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon because of the quality-&-quantity of their strains and products.

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  1. Green Cross Cannabis Emporium

Established in Salem, Oregon, Green Cross Cannabis Emporium houses a wide array of cannabis products. But, what makes it a part of one of the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon is its commitment to customer service. Their passionate and knowledgeable staff of cannabis professionals help customers from all walks of life to find the right cannabis products.

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  1. Electric Lettuce

Founded in 2017, Electric Lettuce is a part of the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon established to celebrate the history of marijuana use in America between 1965 and 1971. The store offers a great selection of cannabis accessories, cannabis edibles, topicals, concentrates, and extracts. Regular visitors consider their Viva Sativa hats, ashtrays, and general El gear as some of the best cannabis-themed merchandise available in the market.

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  1. House of Leaves

Southern Oregon's House of Leaves is another one of the Beaver State's favorite cannabis dispensaries. Cannabis consuming Oregonians visit the dispensary for their high-quality products and their incredible customer service. House of Leaves also contributes its share in giving back to the cannabis and non-cannabis community by participating in community fundraisers, which coupled with its afore-mentioned services makes it a part of the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon.

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  1. Diem Cannabis

Hailing from Salem, Oregon, Diem Cannabis is another one of the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries from Oregon. The dispensary has everything going for it - exceptional deals, passionate staff-members, high-quality cannabis products, and Instagram-worthy store space. Next time you’re in Salem and aching for a puff, make sure to step into Diem Cannabis.

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  1. Farma

If a scientist opened a dispensary, this would be it. If you’re new to weed, Farma is the place to be. The dispensary, located in Portland’s Central Eastside, houses a collection of high-end, in-house growers and flower from Green Bodhi & Nelson and Co. Organics two of the best cannabis cultivators in the market right now. Their thoughtful branding makes every product sold by them look like a gift. Farma another fitting addition to the list of 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon. Be sure to check them out if you’re ever looking for a smoke in Portland’s Central Eastside.   

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  1. Nectar

Started in 2013, Nectar has become one of the leading names in the Oregon cannabis market. Compared to other Oregon cannabis dispensaries, Nectar’s wide array of high-quality cannabis products, daily deals, and incredible top-shelf collections makes it not only a part of the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon but also, a haven for Oregonian connaisseurs.

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  1. Oregon’s Finest

At number eight comes Portland’s Oregon’s Finest, another great addition to the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon.

With myriad high-end strain options from growers frequently featured in popular cannabis magazines, Oregon’s Finest is an easy one-stop-shop to cure your cannabis and cannabis product needs. The products, albeit a little pricey, are mostly top-shelf and state standard. Stop by Oregon's Finest if you’re ever in the downtown area.

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  1. Serra

With its white marble aesthetics and a vast selection of unique terpene-loaded flower from Pruf Cultivar, Serra is the perfect crossroads between getting high and high-class design. The store has earned its status as one of the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon not only for their interiors or products but also because of the caution they maintain while sourcing their cannabis. The store is popular for its cannabis-infused chocolates, which are sourced and roasted by famous Portland chocolatier, Woodblock.

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  1. Jayne

What would happen if Mother Nature’s kush-puffing daughter opened a dispensary? We would get Jayne, a female-friendly dispensary marketed solely towards women. With its serene botanical furnishings, curated tangible menus, and edibles encased in hand-woven baskets, the entire dispensary serves as one giant highlight reel showcasing the local female and minority producers. Furthermore, Jayne also conducts its own yoga sessions in a private space, where women can consume cannabis legally.

A dispensary as unique as Jayne definitely deserves to be on the list of the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon.

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  1. Bridge City Collective

Bridge City Collective is a perfect shop for cannabis sophomores, simple-yet-reliable that won’t overwhelm anyone with choices. Situated on North Williams Avenue, the store with its polished and down-to-earth style provides customers with a straightforward menu featuring a rich selection of edibles, oils, vapes, and local favorites like Pruf Cultivar, Ten Four Farms, High Noon Cultivation, etc. Bridge City Collective is a worthy addition to the list of the  20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon. 

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  1. Shango Marijuana Dispensary

In our list of the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon comes the Shango Marijuana Dispensary.

Shango Marijuana Dispensary pulls off the sophisticated-yet-laid back look with perfect ease. Its modern interiors coupled with its laid-back and knowledgeable staff will make you feel right at home.

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  1. Green Hop

Despite carrying a modest collection of locally-grown flower, Green Hop - when it comes to cannabis dispensaries - is one of the hippest locations in Vernon, Oregon. Founded by former educators, Green Hop is the world’s first historical hip-hop cannabis dispensary, that offers a collective digital and art experience. Their mission is to promote and raise the consciousness of cannabis. The dispensary is also the first of its kind, with its offering of a training program for at-risk adults.

Green Hop’s service to its community definitely reserves it a spot in our list of 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon.

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  1. Paradise Found

Continuing our rundown of the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon, we have Paradise Found.

Paradise Found, a Portland-based cannabis dispensary, is a haven for both cannabis consumers and pet lovers. The dispensary allows its visitors to bring their pets into the store’s premises. The store provides terrific deals and amazing service to its human visitors and free treats to its four-legged guests.

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  1. Plantae

Situated in Bend, Oregon, Plantae - one of the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon - is a cannabis dispensary owned-and-operated exclusively by women. A better part of Plantae’s collection is grown in-house. They also provide a wide variety of different services and benefits like a three-day yoga class, a rewards program, a veteran and birthday specials, and attractive daily deals.

directions to Plantae

  1. TreeHouse Collective

If you’re looking for top-notch extracts and/or concentrates, the TreeHouse Collective is the only shop you’ll need to pay a visit to. Situated in Kerns, Portland, Oregon, the TreeHouse Collective houses some of the latest extracts and concentrates from across the state. Their resin, live rosin, and BHO, come from top processors. It’s due to these high-quality products that make the TreeHouse Collective one of the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon.

directions to the TreeHouse Collective

  1. Five Zero Trees

Stickers for Five Zero Trees can be found scattered around everywhere from bridges to outhouses and even sidewalks. The store contains a wide variety of locally-grown strains, along with glass and various other toking equipment. What puts this dispensary in the running for Oregon’s leading dispensaries is the quality of its products. Their stuff is so strong that it almost knocked-out Hollywood star Tom Sizemore after the actor smoked a 1g Oregon Lemons Joint. If even a nominal product has the power to knock-off a Hollywood star, then that dispensary definitely needs to be on the list of 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon.

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  1. Rooted Northwest

At number 18th in our list for the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon, we have the Rooted Northwest.

While the exteriors of Rooted Northwest leave much to be desired, it’s what inside that makes it one of the leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon. All products of the dispensary have been stored in a way making them seem as if they’ve come out of an interior design magazine. The dispensary has a super knowledgeable staff, who can easily explain every minute detail of the plants showcased within the store. The dispensary has a great collection of flower, hash, and concentrates.

directions to Rooted Northwest

  1. Foster Buds

At number 19th in our list for the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon, we have the Foster Buds.

Foster Buds offers some of the best cannabis products in the market. They offer strains from around the world and from places as far as Spain! The dispensary has a sale almost every day and has an ATM inside the store.

directions to Foster Buds

  1. Virtue Supply Co.

Last-but-not-the-least in our rundown of the 20 leading cannabis dispensaries in Oregon is the Virtue Supply Co.

Amidst the loud, boisterous, and flashy lights of the Pearl District’s art galleries, luxury retail stores, and tourist traps, stands a mellowed-out unit of the Virtue Supply Co. Founded by recreational users from Portland & Bend, the store offers a large variety of flower, edibles, concentrates, accessories, pre-rolls, etc. The store even sells CBD-infused treats for anxiety-ridden dogs.

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