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20 Leading CBD Infused Drinks

Get a Gist of the Best CBD-infused Beverages out there to Calm Your Nerves

Someone once wrote - “You don’t need another inspirational quote, you just need CBD” and that’s the kind of motivation we all need. 

After its legalization, CBD has been buzzing all over the world with its legalization being in the grey area and the other misbeliefs. Cannabidiol, the most misunderstood compound on earth is not pot, dope, weed, grass, maryjane or whatever misconception it holds. In fact, CBD is not even made from the same plant as marijuana. 

CBD is sourced out from hemp, the male plant of the Cannabis Sativa species, which has very negligible traces of THC - the compound that gets you high. CBD won’t get you high as it is not a drug with recreational uses. If anything, it has countless medical benefits that can be a great addition to your lifestyle - even if you don’t have any medical condition. 

That’s why it’s not dope, it’s hope. 

High Times called CBD - “one of the most remarkable compounds in the natural world,” and that is the reason why top shots like Coca Cola is planning to launch a CBD drink of their own.  

If you are planning to join the CBD circle and spare an afternoon with CBD drinks, here are some suggestions for you. Doesn’t matter if your drink of choice is coffee, tea, soda, or wine - we have got it all covered for you.


Aurora Elixirs

Available in two flavors, the aromatic sparkling tonics of Aurora Elixers has 15mg of CBD. Add them in your cocktails and knock yourself out of this universe. With calculated levels of cannabinoids, 8 grams of sugar or less, and all-organic ingredients, Aurora’s Lavender Spice and Grapefruit Rosemary tonics were created to be enjoyed chilled or in craft herbaceous cocktail. Zero THC is infused in the hemp oil Aurora sources, so you won’t get crossfaded and feel like grime. Truth be told, it’s quite the opposite.

Checkout their drinks here:


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In addition to the fact that CBD calms you down, it also helps in decreasing irritation. Oleo’s powder mix and single-serve packets of instant CBD-infused coconut water, tea flavorless blend takes a sports recovery approach to incorporate CBD into everyday wellness. As their slogan goes - “Perform better, recover faster.” Oleo utilizes a Micro-Encapsulated CBD that wraps the particles of CBD in a binding material comprised of natural carbohydrates. 

Checkout their drinks here:


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Dirty Lemon

Mix and fix your kombucha with Dirty Lemon! This CBD drink comes with just 15 calories per bottle, producing “mild euphoria, full-body relaxation, and a clear head,” according to the creators. For the people who don’t consume marijuana anymore, this CBD will take you down the memory lane to ‘pineapple express’ feels since the flavor profile is inspired by that selfsame marijuana strain. The flavor profile of Dirty Lemon consists of tropical notes on the most fundamental level, with woodsy hints that highlight the organic product forward flavor. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is also added to support electrolytes, while L-Theanine (a remedial fixing found in tea) boosts cognition, alertness, and tranquility.

Checkout their drinks here:


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Kickback Coldbrew

If you are a coffee enthusiast - Kickback Coldbrew is the drink for you. Switch your usual cold brew with Kickback’s vegan CBD-infused coffee which comes with 20mg per serving. Kickback’s five flavors include -  the O.G. Cold Brew, Just Peachy, Golden Cashew, Coffee Date, and Matcha.

Checkout their drinks here:


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How can we forget the wine lovers? Cannawine is a sweet and sugary Spanish wine that is infused with CBD-hemp extract. Easy to drink, 14.5% ABV red that is best savored cold. With 50 percent Garnacha and 50 percent Cariñana grapes, Cannawine comes with a rich touch of red and black fruits & a subtle scent of Cannabis Sativa.

Checkout their drinks here:


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CBD Hemp Soda

Cannabinoid Creations (CC) managed to convert the classic fountain flavors like Ginger Ale & Orange Cream into CBD Hemp Soda. They also came up with Grape Limeade, High Tide Honeydew Melon, and their favorite, Cartoon Cereal Crunch to add a little flavor to the CBD industry. CC also produces CBD water, syrups, chocolates, and pet supplies. 

Checkout their drinks here:


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Endo Water

Say hello to the next coconut water. Endo infuses the plain old water and makes it interesting with the infusion of nothing but, well, CBD. Endo is a part of a revolution to bring the ancient uses of hemp to the paranoia and anxiety-driven modern era. 

Checkout their drinks here:


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Neorogan Hemp CBD Tea

If you are a tea enthusiast and if you like the grassy, earthy flavors of hemp - this can be the perfect morning tea to drink every day. Organically made with non-GMO Danish hemp, Neorogan comes with a light taste, and if you don’t prefer the earthiness - a little honey and lemon can add a little flavor to your tea. 

Checkout their drinks here:


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Ojai Energetics Full-Spectrum Water Soluble CBD Tincture

Coming with 8.3mg per one full dropper, Ojai Energetics is a deep moss green - extracted from the whole plant - and is water-soluble.  Put a full dropper into your chai, coffee, smoothie, or anything else really. Unlike most tinctures, the Ojai Energetics Full-Spectrum Water Soluble CBD Tincture isn’t oil-based. So there won’t be any residue sticking to the sides of your glass - the way it is with various other oil-based drops.

Checkout their drinks here:


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CBD Tincture


Tree Below Zero Sparkling CBD Juice

CBD-infused drinks don’t necessarily have to be always earthy or hippie flavored. This refreshing fizzy CBD juice - Tree Below Zero comes in distinct flavors like Cranberry Ginger, Mandarin Blood Orange, and Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate. Tree Below Zero comes in a can which is infused with 25mg of CBD. 

Checkout their drinks here:


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Lalpina CBD Water

Lapina CBD Water is a non-sweetened CBD drink. It has a pleasantly light and clean flavor of the water. Once you try it, you will surely grab one after a sweaty summer hike or a long gym session that will help your muscles to relax and recover. 

Checkout their drinks here:


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Fun Fact - CBD is usually oil-soluble. SingleseedLapina CBD Water is made with “CBD utilizing nanotechnology” that makes CBD water-soluble which means that your body can absorb more of it.


True Breeze Pineapple Express Hemp Shots

Who doesn’t love shots? Especially when are made with pineapple juice and 10mg of water-soluble hemp oil extract. Moreover, this flavor gives you a nice spicy kick thanks to ginger, cayenne, and black pepper. It tastes like your classic immune-boosting shots with the addition of hemp-derived CBD - a win-win situation.

Checkout their drinks here:


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“Calm, Cool & Collected” - is the message that is given out by this CBD-infused canned drink, Recess. It is infused with hemp extracts and adaptogens. The ingredients used are both powerful as well as organic which helps in relieving the stress. It comes in three flavors - Blackberry Chai, Peach Ginger & Pomegranate Hibiscus. 

Checkout their drinks here:


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Happy Tea

Coming in three different flavors, Happy Tea offers 10mg natural hemp extract that has been studied for possible benefits effects on stress, anxiety, and inflammation. The three flavors of ‘Happy’ Tea are - Lemon Zen, Mixed Berry & Zen Punch. 

Checkout their drinks here:


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The Alkaline Water Company

The Alkaline Water Company came out with its CBD infused flavored waters available in three all-natural flavors, namely - Peach Mango, Grapefruit, and Lemon Lime. To raise their hemp-infused ambitions, the Company declared that it will be working with the international flavor house The Ungerer Company who has the potential to produce 100% natural and organic flavorings.

Checkout their drinks here:


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Bimble Stress-Free Sparkling Drink

Available in a Grapefruit Basil Mint blend that is sweetened with honey,Bimble produces delicious CBD soda which is relatively low in calories. At 25mg of cannabidiol extract per serving, Bimble Stress-Free Sparkling Drink was created to “take the edge off without any unwanted after-effects.” 

Checkout their drinks here:


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Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzer

With 5mg of CBD per 12-ounce can, Queen City Hemp’s line of CBD-infused sparkling drinks is subtle yet tasty. Delicious blends of fruits and CBD make Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzer a perfect drink for seltzer lovers. The flavors they offer are Lemon Lavender, Guava, Passion Fruit, and Blood Orange seltzers, which are sugar-free yet still mildly sweet.

Checkout their drinks here:


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Cloud Water Natural Sparkling CBD

If you are waiting for a CBD infused drink that falls between the soda and seltzer categories, you don’t have to wait anymore. Cloud Water Natural Sparkling CBD is mildly sweetened with raw honey with 40 calories. They offer a mix flavor with grapefruit, mint, and basil. Cloud Water also offers a Blood Orange & Coconut CBD drink with a mellow taste perfect for complementing a meal. Cloud Water’s every 12-ounce bottle has 25 milligrams of CBD.

Checkout their drinks here:


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Mountjoy Sparkling

Calm your anxiety and increase your focus with 16-ounce servings that come in recycled plastic bottles. The five flavors which Mountjoy provides are - Blackberry, Lemon Lime, Orange, Peach, and Natural. With 10 milligrams of CBD per serving - Mountjoy is made with organic, industrial hemp in Sonoma County, California. 

Fun Fact - Founder Alex Mountjoy’s motto “must love bubbles” comes from his own family’s sparkling water obsession. He is an early believer of the healing powers that CBD contains.

Checkout their drinks here:


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Now that you have been introduced to the best 20 CBD infused drinks - in no particular order that is - it’s time for some CBD experiments. Try adding the above-listed sodas and CBD-infused water to mix and fix new CBD-Infused Cocktails.

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