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Cannabis Beverages To Drink This Summer

In preparation for the summer heat, we bring to you seven (7) cannabis beverages to sip on to keep yourself buzzed, high, comfortable, and hydrated during the sweltering weeks. But first of all, here is a brief introduction to cannabis beverages.

S-U-M-M-E-R, a six-lettered word that translates to the best period of the year for everyone, is a time to cool off and have fun. Yet, like all periods of the year, it can get the best out of you; due to the heat.

Some cannabis lovers find it difficult to smoke or vape their favorite products as it causes them to get dehydrated faster than usual. In fact, there are moments during summer when it's too warm to inhale anything hotter than atmospheric air. Some are even forced to go cold-turkey during summer because they can't deal. 


During summer, there's no better way to use your favorite drug—cannabis—than to consume cool or ice-cold cannabis-based beverages. That's like killing two birds with one stone (or should we say "drink"?). You get to stay hydrated and refreshed while enjoying the buzzing effects of the infused buds.

In preparation for the summer heat, we bring to you seven (7) cannabis beverages to sip on to keep yourself buzzed, high, comfortable, and hydrated during the sweltering weeks. But first of all, here is a brief introduction to cannabis beverages.

General Overview of Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis beverages are liquid consumables infused with cannabinoids. They are ready-to-drink edibles suitable for medical cannabis patients and recreational cannabis lovers. 

Cannabis beverages come in different flavors, sizes, and formulations. They can either be THC-dominant, CBD-dominant, or in balanced ratios. Unlike cannabis rolls and vapes whose cannabinoids become activated by combustion, these infused beverages contain activated cannabis extracts; hence they can be consumed without additional processing or preparations.

During summer, cannabis beverages help cannabis users work around the dehydrating and overheating concerns of regular cannabis consumption methods. 

Sure, frozen edibles, mouthfuls of cannabis oil tinctures or concentrates, and ice-filled beaker bongs are other practical methods during this period. Still, they can not give you the whole or familiar experience of smoking cannabis. What would benefit you the most, cost-wise and "buzz-wise," is a hydrating bottle of cannabis beverage.

Seven (7) Most Preferred Cannabis Beverages To Drink This Summer

Most of the products on this list have been around for at least a year or two. Last year, our hot summer weekends were spent on the beach, sipping on different flavors of cannabis beverages. These drinks also served us perfectly during on and off work hours. 

Enough dilly-dallying around; here are our must-have cannabis-infused drinkables for summer 2022.

Strange Brews Ice Tea by Vitonic

Strange Brews Ice Tea by Vitonic

Image Source: Instagram

Vitonic is a renowned beverage manufacturer. The company's popularity stems from its cannabis tonics with cartoon grenade containers. The company launched the Strange Brew unsweet ice tea beverage to meet the needs of patients in need of high-potency cannabis drinks.

If you're based anywhere within the Northwest hot climate, we assure you that this drink is a must-have. It offers a refreshing and stimulating effect that helps the consumer adapt to the wild heat in this region. 

Strange Brew is a cannabis-infused ice tea with a lauded grassy aftertaste. This straightforward drink has earthy flavors similar to brewed black tea. The best thing about it is that there are no skunky notes in the taste or aroma. It is more or less a regular cup of ice tea with 50mg of cannabinoid serving as the icing on the cake. The lack of flavors in the strange brew ice tea is an added benefit for cannabis lovers that love the earthy notes of the magical plant.

You can consume Vitonic's strange brew of unsweetened ice tea in the cool months, even during winter. All you have to do is to heat it.

Mellow Vibes Mojo

Mellow Vibes Mojo

Image Source: Instagram

This cannabis beverage is a THC:CBD balanced elixir. The Mellow Vibes Mojo is a kiwi strawberry flavored drink infused with up to 250 mg each of CBD and THC. This premium drink is easy to digest. 

The manufacturers uniquely formulated this vegan consumable with Sunflower lecithin, which is recommended for an improved absorption rate of cannabinoids. The Mellow vibes mojo is mouthwatering and offers a precise dose of cannabinoids as each teaspoon contains 40 mg of THC and 40 mg of CBD. It allows for a discreet high, and it is perfect for mixing into other consumables.

This concentrated elixir could be a perfect wet bar solution for a gathering of stoners during the summer. Just one drop of this tonic can transform a regular soda drink into the life of the party. We advise you to add one or two drops of this syrup to the already brewed iced tea mixture. You could also add your ice cubes to this glass of awesomeness. You should be able to purchase Mojo's mellow vibes at a licensed cannabis store within your neighborhood or online. 

Note that you can consume Mojo's flavor straight from the bottle. It's not compulsory to add tea or soda. Whichever way you choose to consume it, you're guaranteed to feel a high fuzz from your head to your toes. 

Passion Fruit Seltzer by Magic Number

Passion Fruit Seltzer by Magic Number

Image Source: Instagram

This is another cannabis beverage with a grassy aftertaste. The passion fruit seltzer is one of Magic Number's highly rated consumables. It is lightly flavored water with a pronounced LaCroix vibe. 

In the heat of the summer, you can always reach for a bottle of passion fruit seltzer straight from the refrigerator. You could also have it at room temperature or over ice.

Magic Number produces different flavors of cannabis-infused Seltzers. This fizzy Gatorade is a good choice for refreshing mocktails. Lovers of this drink say that it has a satisfying, calm, and restorative aftereffect. For some, it leads them into a comfortable cannabis complacency mode.

A can of this drink contains 25 mg THC. With this, you'd find the blazing heat tolerable. You can even say that the heat influences the level of buzz you'd feel.

Spritzer by Mad Lily

Spritzer by Mad Lily

Image Source: Instagram

Mad Lily is a women-owned beverage producing company that offers some cannabis-infused tonics and spritzers to cannabis lovers within and around California.

Mad Lily Spritzers comprises multiple flavors of THC-infused drinkables. Some of the products in the line include Ginger Pear, Raspberry Hibiscus, and Passion Fruit Mango. All Spritzers produced by this company have an equal amount of THC and CBD. Depending on your cannabis tolerance levels, you may start feeling the buzzing effects within 10 to 30 minutes after use. 

Mad lily's spritzers are relatively affordable and an ideal replacement for alcoholic beverages. It is suitable for doing your everyday chores during the summer.

Volcanic Orange Mango by Major

Volcanic Orange Mango by Major

Image Source: Instagram

For a volcanic eruption of orange and mango fruit punches mixed with cannabinoids, Major's volcanic orange mango drink is a safe bet. 

This cannabis beverage comes with a mature and grassy aftertaste combined with a bitter smack that emerges from the back of the throat. The Volcanic Orange Mango is a top-selling cannabis-based drink that was exclusively sold in the evergreen state of Washington. Today, you can purchase this product in different states with legal cannabis markets.

If you're wondering why this drink has such high appeal, we recommend you take a few gulps of it to understand. You can have the volcanic orange mango alone, or your could mix it with a flavorless seltzer or water. The beverage's sugary sweetness is enough to create a unique blend. Don't forget to take this over the ice or straight out of the fridge.

THC-based Rebel Coast Sauvage

THC-based Rebel Coast Sauvage

Image Source: Instagram

Rebel Coast started making cannabis-infused beverages and Seltzers less than six years ago. Their prestigious product, Sauvage, has about 10mg of THC and serves all occasions that demand champagne celebrations.

You can have this cannabis beverage at any social gathering during Summer without any risks of a hangover, as experienced with regular alcoholic champagne. In little time, Sauvage will be acclaimed for its superior buzzing effects in concerts or lazy days. 

Delta 9 Pink Lemonade

Delta 9 Pink Lemonade

Image Source: Greeley Gallery

Even without cannabinoids, lemonade is one of the best summer beverages ever. When infused with up to 50 mg of cannabis, it becomes the bomb!

Delta 9 Pink Lemonade comes in a 7.5 oz can. It is suitable for cannabinoid lovers needing a robust, long-lasting, multidimensional high. It is uniquely formulated with water-soluble cannabis oil and lemonade.

One crucial factor to note about the Delta 9 Pink Lemonade is its swoon-worthy, couch-locking intense effect.  Whenever you're ready to take a can of Delta 9, please don't feel you can infinitely continue with it. After one or two cans, it is highly advisable for you to switch to water or soda. 

Other cannabis beverages worth mentioning include:

●    Secret oil lemon-lime squeeze

●    Wunder lemon ginger 

●    ALT liquid cannabis

●    S-shots lemon cross

●    Cann cannabis tonic

●    and many others.

There you have it!

Whether you're a fan of CBD, THC, or even delta-8, there's a cannabis beverage for you. All you have to do is find the best cannabis drink that suits your lifestyle or summer habits. 

If this is your first time reading about cannabis beverages, or perhaps you are yet to find the most suitable cannabis beverage for yourself, we recommend that you try out any of these products to get a taste and feel of paradise during summer.

Give your lungs a break this summer; give cannabis-infused beverages a try!