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Cannabis Drinks to Watch Out For In 2018

Cannabis holds a new opportunity for drink makers looking for the next trend in consumers tastes, especially as legalization spreads among U.S States like California.

The cannabis drinks market continues to grow in both size and popularity. As of December 2017, there were more than 100 different drink products, and with new cannabis legalization measures now going into effect in U.S. states like California, we can expect to see many more products in 2018. Here’s a look at some of the most popular cannabis drinks to watch out for this year.

Mirth Provisions

Product: Legal sparkling tonics

Instagram: @MirthProvisions

As recently as June 2016, Legal cannabis-infused beverages accounted for nearly one-third of all cannabis drinks sold. These drinks are all-natural, sparkling tonics that can be enjoyed at casual social gatherings. In fact, Mirth Provisions markets these tonics as the perfect drink to enjoy at a backyard barbecue. There are five different flavours, each crafted with a different cannabis strain: Rainier Cherry, Cranberry, Espresso Mocha, Lemon Ginger and Pomegranate. Rainier Cherry, made with fresh Washington cherries and locally grown cannabis extract, and Lemon Ginger (made from Indica) are two crowd pleasers.


Dixie Brands

Product: Dixie Elixirs

Instagram: @DixieBrands

Dixie Brands offers its Elixirs, each infused with premium marijuana, in a handful of popular flavours, including Berry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Half & Half, and Root Beer. Each comes with a child-resistant dosing cap. The Elixirs are all made with pure cane sugar, with no artificial colours or flavours. Each bottle contains 100 mg THC, with the suggested serving being 6 mg THC. Dixie also offers a full line of edibles, if you start to get a little hungry while downing these Elixirs.


Venice Cookie Company (VCC)

Products: Cannabis Quenchers and Cannabis Quenchers Sips; cannabis-infused Subtle Tea; ONE Tincture (cannabis-infused wine)

Instagram: @VeniceCookieCompany

The Los Angeles-based Venice Cookie Company (VCC), which officially launched back in 2008, has rolled out a popular line of Cannabis Quenchers in 11 different flavours: Pomegranate-Blueberry-Acai, Mango, Watermelon Lime, Strawberry Lemonade, Passionfruit, Old Fashioned Lemonade, Hibiscus, Wildberry Guava and Cherry Limeade. As of June 2016, Cannabis Quenchers represented 20% of the overall cannabis drinks market. Each Quencher contains real fruit juice, and instead of artificial sweeteners, these drinks use cane sugar or fruit concentrate. In 2017, VCC Brands also debuted a line of smaller Quencher Sips to complement its Quenchers.


Canna Punch

Products: Canna Punch shots, Canna Punch bottles

Instagram: @CannaPunch

Canna Punch markets itself as selling “Colorado’s best cannabis products,” so be prepared to pay a slight premium for these cannabis-infused drinks, which come as both 10 mg shots and 100 mg bottles. The company has been around since 2009, giving it a lot of credibility with Colorado’s recreational cannabis users. Each Canna Punch drink is non-carbonated and infused with cannabis. The drinks are 100% all-natural, gluten-free, soy-free and corn syrup-free. To maintain high quality, the company only uses high-quality, whole cannabis buds. The brand’s five flavours include Watermelon Nectar, Black Cherry Fusion, Pineapple Mango Delight, Blue Raspberry Sour and Grand Daddy Grape.


Know Label Wine

Product: Know Label cannabis-infused wine tincture (i.e. “weed wine”)

Twitter: Click here

Know Label Wine products are premium cannabis-infused wines. However, given the current regulatory environment, they are officially marketed as cannabis-infused wine tinctures. What put Know Label on the map was the support and backing of music star Melissa Etheridge, who serves as the brand’s spokeswoman. (Etheridge says she started smoking medical marijuana during her chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer) These wine tinctures are made from premium grapes grown in California’s Arroyo Grande Valley and premium organic cannabis flowers from the Santa Cruz Mountains. All wines are bottled straight from the barrel, with no added sulfites. The company uses a proprietary organic process known as “slow cold infusion” to get a smooth taste.



Products: ZootDrops and ZootBlast

Instagram: @Zootology

Using the slogan “Stoned was then, Zoots is now,”  Zoots made a name for itself by rolling out a wide range of cannabis drinks for a variety of different moods. For example, the ZootDrops are concentrated that you can stir into a beverage or drink straight. And they come in flavours like Mandarin Lime Yippee Ki-Yay High Energy Blend (for when you want to feel energized) and Lemon Kick Back Relaxation Blend (for when you want to chill out). Or, if you’d prefer to do some energy shots, you can try out ZootBlast. This drink promises “a clear-headed high with an energy kick,” with the caffeine boost provided by a mix of yerba mate and guarana.


Canopy Growth

Brands: Tweed, Spectrum Cannabis, Bedrocan

Product: BlackLabel Soft Gels

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Instagram: @Tweedmainstreet

Back in October 2017, Constellation Brands invested a whopping $191 million for a 9.9% equity stake in Canopy Growth, which is an Ontario-based cannabis company with a growing number of cannabis brands. Constellation Brands, of course, is the company behind brands such as Corona and Svedka and also imports and distributes wines from all over the world, so it’s easy to see what Constellation has planned for the North American cannabis market – a huge expansion of Canopy Growth’s existing brands to bring them to a wider audience. The cannabis brand to watch right now is Tweed, which has a strong brand identity within Canada. Tweed already has BlackLabel Soft Gels, and some analysts now expect to Tweed to roll out sodas, fruit elixirs, and ready-to-drink coffees over the next 12-to-24 months.


Canna Cola

Product: Canna Cola soda pop

Twitter: @CannaCola

Canna Cola started off selling THC-infused soda pop for medical marijuana users. Flavours include Orange Kush, Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, Doc Weed and Classic Canna Cola. Canna Cola markets itself as the first nationally recognized brand of medical marijuana drinks. If you are looking for a flavorful, fizzy drink infused with THC, then Canna Cola has five popular selections for you.



Product: Brewbudz Coffee pods, Brewbudz Tea pods, Brewbudz Cocoa Pods

Instagram: @Brewbudz

If you have a Keurig coffee machine that uses K-cups to make single-serve coffee, then you can use these Brewbudz in the same way. The company has patented a single serve pod and extraction technology that makes it possible to make a cannabis-infused cup of coffee in the morning. Best of all, each single brew pod is 100% compostable. No wonder the company advertises its products as “Good for you, good for the Earth.”


And there are plenty more coffee, tea, and cocoa products on the way. For example, in the coffee space, there is Canyon Drink-IT Coffee ( Described as the “first-ever cannabis-infused coffee drink,” Canyon has figured out a way to combine cannabis essential oil with Guatemalan coffee beans. A canyon is also working on other drinks as part of its Drink-IT, Lick IT, Chew IT, Drop IT and Pop IT lines. What’s perfect about these cannabis products is that they can be combined as part of your everyday lifestyle.

Get ready for an exciting 2018, with plenty of exciting new product launches on the way. With the entry of Constellation Brands into the market in a big way in late 2017, it is just a matter of time before cannabis drink products go mainstream across North America. For example, Dixie Brands is building on the success of its Elixirs to introduce new Lift drinks in flavours like mint coffee and citrus acai. Whether it’s a cola drink, an energy shot, an energy drink, a fruit elixir, or a cup of coffee or tea, it’s now possible to combine it with premium cannabis for an enjoyable new experience.

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