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How to Store Cannabis Edibles

Here’s how to store edibles to give them a longer shelf life.


Throughout the years, Cannabis has been used for medical and spiritual purposes. The earliest use of cannabis is recorded in the subcontinent of India, where ancient Indians used to create recipes of medicines with cannabis and infused it with food and drinks for the cure of many diseases.

When orally consumed in the form of a drink or a consumable food product, cannabis edibles enter the bloodstream after being broken down in the stomach and are absorbed by the intestines, and become a better alternative for the consumers than inhaling the cannabis smoke.   

With the current hike in the usage of the edibles, storing cannabis has become an important aspect. Depending on what sort of edibles you seem to store and how you store them, their shelf life could vary from a week to many years. An interesting fact is if edibles are stored correctly, and they can have a shelf life for an indefinite amount of time. Similarly, if not stored properly, they have no life at all.

While storing cannabis should be a priority to sustain its functionality, most people are skeptical about the storage of cannabis. It has been established that the proper storage and atmosphere to the edibles can help enhance the quality and the flavors of the product.

Factors affecting edibles - if not stored at the right time

Storing edibles isn’t just meant for hiding it from your family and friends. Storing cannabis edibles helps it concentrate on its flavors and taste. The below mentioned are a few factors that might happen if you leave the edibles in the open

  1. Humidity - Humidity damages the concentrations and flavors of the edibles.

  2. Sun exposure - While the sunlight enhances the taste, flavors, and components of cannabis it also damages the effects of edibles if kept in direct sunlight and excessive sunlight.

  3. Heat - Cannabis improves itself more in the dark and cold atmosphere.

  4. Contamination - There are high chances of cannabis being contaminated by other exterior factors.

  5. Bugs - Cannabis has a high chance to get caught by the bugs.

Best Ways to Store Edibles

There are numerous opinions and ways to store edibles that differ from person to person and location to location, but here are a few of the most popular and traditional methods of storing cannabis that has been tried and worked impeccably.

How to store cannabis edibles


The most basic and simple way of storing cannabis edibles is tinctures. Tinctures that are alcohol-based, stored in the refrigerator in an amber dropper bottle can keep the potential of the edibles intact for decades. Tinctures made with glycerine also have an impact if however; the usage of alcohol is not really possible. Tinctures made with glycerine do not have as longer shelf life as of the tinctures made with alcohol.    


Freezing the cannabis edibles the concentration and flavors can remain in mint condition for up to one year. The conditions should be kept in check with the prevention of excessive air and changes in temperature. However, freezing might not be the ideal way of storage for all edibles, but for oils and butters, you can extend the shelf life by freezing them.

Silicone Containers

The best way to store anything for a short-term period is silicone containers. Storing anything in the silicone containers close to the size of the container minimizes the risk of moisture build-up in the container.

Airtight Containers

Airtight containers tend to be used only if the storage is going to last up to a month or more. For the best storage resolution try storing edibles in it wrapped in parchment paper and sealed properly the edibles won’t stick when taking out and will still be in mint condition.

Glass jars

Glass jars are an ideal match for the edibles. They are airtight keeping the edibles’ taste and flavor intact and can be placed anywhere.

The most effective methods for storing your edibles, however, are almost always the same: keep them cold, in a dark place, and sealed.

Edible infused drinks and food products are safe and do not cause any sort of long-term toxicity. These products are used for the spiritual and medical purposes that also have benefits of health advancements and need proper storage that can preserve their shelf life.       

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