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Importance Of Packaging For Brand Identity

Branded packaging reinforces your brand's identity and tells its story.

Delivery packaging is a crucial part of brand consistency. Think of it as an extension of your brand from its digital channels, right through to the tangible experience the customer has when they receive the product.

It’s the first touch point for a customer to understand, perceive, relate to, or remember your product/ service. It’s so much more than just protecting the product. 


It’s your essential marketing tool, which supports your branding, your features, your USPs, your brand values, prices, and more. When it comes visual identity, is the first and of utmost importance strategy that you develop, it needs to be consistent

Why Is It Packaging Important For Your Brand Identity:

1) Packaging is the first step that tells about your product 

It makes the consumer understand your brand, through both pictures and text. 

You can also show what the product does — either through more visuals or with a description. For more, you can include information about ingredients, components, directions, etc

2) Packaging Tells Customers About Your Company

Packaging not only tells customers about your product, but it also tells them about your company, albeit in a more subtle way. You can actually say a lot about your company with your packaging. For example, if you use expensive and high-end packaging, you’re communicating that you’re a high-end brand. If you use fun and unique packaging, you’re communicating that you represent those characteristics as a brand.

3) Packing promotes your product/ brand

It acts like a mental note, a checklist while in the consumer buying experience, it makes you stand out from the other products, or relate/ remember your product in multiple ways through its color, type, visuals, etc. 

4) Consistency in branding and packaging fosters brand recognition

Resonating your brand packaging with your values, mission, and things you want to communicate makes it a visual experience & protection that stands out for the customer, and if done consistently, effectively, and sustainably, it goes a long way!

5) It’s a good blend of a lot of communication 

Brand packaging is exactly what it sounds like — the container, protective packing, and any additional branded materials, it also acts as a physical social proof of your products, and it communicates a lot of factors in multiple ways. 

Subsequently, every category of the product differs in its packaging, you need to be relatable to your product & service. 

It could range from a Cannabis Infused Beverage product, which is the upcoming new developing category in the US, to a BlueTooth speaker. 

There are a lot of renowned companies in the US, that focus on the importance of Packaging For Brand Identity for various categories including Cannabis in its category, but they create & service a lot more. 

They have also registered for trade shows to grow, distribute and explore more in their business opportunities. 

1. PRESTO Labels & Packaging -

Presto Labels & Packaging can help you with affordable, high-quality short, or long print runs. Brand your products with professional labels, shrink sleeves, and flexible packaging.

PRESTO Labels and Packaging

Image Source: PRESTO Labels & Packaging

2. Berlin Packaging 

World's Only Hybrid Packaging Supplier, Berlin Packaging brings together the best elements of packaging manufacturing, distribution, and income-boosting services.

Berlin Packaging

Image Source: Berlin Packaging

3. Ebottles

EBottles is the leading cannabis packaging provider with over 40 years of industry experience.

Cannabis Packaging Ebottles

Image Source: Cannabis Packaging Ebottles

4. TYCHON Packaging 

Tychon offers businesses reliable solutions to all of their standard packaging and cannabis packaging needs.

Tychon Packaging

Image Source: Tychon Packaging

5. Gamer Packaging Inc

Gamer Packaging is a professional packaging company that offers custom packaging solutions.

Gamer Packaging

Image Source: Gamer Packaging

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The article was written by Kiran Krishnani, Beverage Trade Network