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Looking for an online marketplace for cannabis products?

15 websites to purchase CBD-infused beverages, or cannabis products, The new sip of relaxation!

From sparkling water to CBD-infused beverages, Cannabis Beverage Industry is growing with a sip of relaxation. 

From relaxing bath bombs to essential oils the industry is finding its ways to explore the cannabis category & its businesses.

But what is stupendously growing is the cannabis beverage industry, and how the latest hassle-free, easily consumable way to take your CBD is through some surprisingly sippable beverages.


What is a CBD Drink?

CBD drinks can be both alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages that have been infused with the cannabidiol (CBD) - a non-psychoactive compound found within the hemp plant. They carry all the same benefits as other CBD products on the market - like CBD oils and supplements - but can be an easier (and tastier) way to get your CBD.

Most CBD drinks are manufactured in different ways, but they all have one thing in common: sourcing the very best and most responsibly sourced CBD.

Top 15 websites you can order CBD-infused beverages online. 


Their beverages are crafted with the purest, highest-strength CBD isolate, manufactured using advanced extraction and refinement technology. Combine that with natural flavors and simple ingredients for consistent CBD in a delicious and refreshing beverage.

2. CBD MARKET’s collection of THEIR best sellers and most popular CBD products available to you at the best possible prices. They ensure you will get pure and high-quality CBD oil derived from the hemp plant that is free of pesticides, heavy metals, and non-psychoactive.


Direct CBD Online is More Than a Marketplace. your go-to wellness destination. In a growing CBD market, we cut through the noise to bring you only the highest quality and the most exciting options out there.


CBD experiences that are just as enjoyable to taste as the feeling after. Products with amazing flavor that leave you more productive, less stressed, and more you. Dedicated to sharing only the highest quality products with all of you - so you can relax into your best self. So join and take a TRIP to Happy Days. 

We’ll drink to that.


Dutchie is an online marketplace for cannabis products and an all-in-one technology platform that powers the cannabis business with Point of Sale, eCommerce, Payments, and more. Founded in Bend, Oregon, by Ross Lipson, CEO and co-founder, and his brother Zach Lipson, Dutchie debuted in 2017 with three local dispensaries.


Founded in 2014 by Keith McCarty,  it is a technology platform and online marketplace. Simply said, Eaze is the best way to buy safe, high-quality cannabis products online and have them delivered right to your door. In addition, this platform provides a greater variety of items than if people shopped at a single dispensary, as well as a vital lesson in product selection and safe consumption. Rogelio Choy, the CEO of Eaze aims to provide consumers with safe access to legal cannabis, educate people about cannabis as a wellness aid, and promote sensible cannabis policies.


CBD Oil, Pet CBD, Beverages, Edibles, Topicals, Capsules, Skin Care, Smokeables, and Sensual goods are just a few of the CBD-infused products CBD marketplace provides. All of their products are made from hemp CBD and can be purchased and transported outside of Colorado. They also ship nationwide and offer free local pickup and delivery for Boulder/Denver residents.


THC and CBD Drinks

From sodas to waters to tonics, find THC and CBD infused beverages that are sure to please a variety of palates while quenching your thirst. Leafly is the world’s most trusted destination to discover cannabis products and order them from legal, licensed retailers. More than 100 million people visit Leafly each year to learn more about cannabis and order online with local businesses. 


Day One is a refreshing, zero-calorie CBD Sparkling Water that helps you feel balanced, focused, and ready to start. The original idea behind Day One was to create next-level sparkling water using natural ingredients like CBD and fruit juice. The result is a refreshing drink that can facilitate a balanced mindset and get you ready for your next beginning — whether it’s making it through Monday or getting that side hustle off the ground. Day One serves as your refresh reminder that starting doesn’t have to be daunting.


Colorado Proud

160-acre USDA Organic Certified farm in Boulder County has been family-owned and -operated for more than a century. They feed hemp with pure snowmelt from the Rocky Mountains and nutrient-rich fertilizer from our farm’s alpaca herd (Merlin, Jackson Hole, and the gang). Each fall, they harvest their hemp flower and extract it into premium full-spectrum CBD oil, which they then bottle and blend into their tinctures, soft gels, moisturizers, sparkling beverages, pet treats, and more.


The store aims to ease the process of buying high-quality CBD drinks for each customer. They feature the topmost products from the best brands in the industry. To then buy a CBD drink most suited to your taste, you can go through their collection of waters, beverages, shots, etc. Featuring affordable, effective, and potent drinks, their store will give you all that you need. 

Benefits of CBD-Infused Drinks

~ Improves State of Mind

~ Reduces Physical Discomfort

~ Promotes Calmness & Comfort

~ Helps Consumers Relax


Their range of refreshing, all-natural beverages are perfect for any time of day, whether you’re looking to balance out your morning, lift yourself after a workout, beat the afternoon slump, or just unwind.

Their ready-to-drink, citrus-forward, nootropic, and adaptogen beverages, and our ready-to-mix Instant family are purpose-built to give you the moments to find calm in everyday chaos.


CBD Living brings sophistication and scientific rigor to the CBD extraction process, using our nanotechnology to ensure you receive maximum benefit from each of their unique products. The secret to their superior products lies in our use of nanotechnology, a unique manufacturing process that reduces CBD molecules into nano-sized droplets, without the addition of emulsifiers. The nanotechnology process allows for CBD to absorb into the body more efficiently.


Bento was created in mid-2016 with the aim to deliver carefully curated cannabis products to discerning California clientele with world-class customer service. By this time, they knew that the Amizonification of consumer behavior was in full flight and that last-mile retail would ultimately prove to be the preferred means of getting recreational and medical cannabis. Existing cannabis delivery services were unprofessional, unreliable, and had inconsistent supply chains. They were determined to win by putting our whole hearts into both sourcing the finest Northern California cannabis products and nurturing the entire customer experience from discovery, through the decision-making process, hitting all delivery logistics, and maximizing our touchpoints with our clients to ensure that each product has our enthusiastic Bento stamp of approval behind it

15. SAVA

The brands you’ll find on Sava are quality-obsessed and share our goal of creating a progressive, legal, and inclusive cannabis industry. As a queer-, women-, Latinx-founded company, we commit to having at least 50% of the brands we carry be women-owned and at least 25% BIPOC-owned. We also seek out small, artisan makers and support the brands that built this industry. Whether it’s for relaxation, pleasure, or joy, take your product match quiz to find your perfect cannabis.

Enjoy an elevated moment to explore this growing and finest category of cannabis and its infused drinks and beverages.

Written by Kiran Krishnani, Beverage Trade Network