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Marketing Your Cannabis Brand - The Effective Way

Your cannabis brand has to have a different approach to marketing than any other mainstream category brand

But before anything, Should your canna-brand be really on social media? When you consider 60% of people discover products on Instagram. You realize just how powerful social media marketing is for advertising your CBD Business. 


Because the blunt truth is:

As challenging and risky as cannabis marketing maybe, It will MAKE or BREAK your business.


Social media marketing is no longer an option. It is a necessity.

To drive real results for your cannabis business takes more than just posting. Successful brands are strategic, they highlight their unique attributes, products, and experiences while honing in on their target audience.


As we all know Cannabis has been one of the hottest growing industries. Cannabis in all of its forms: CBD, THC, Medical Marijuana, Recreational Marijuana has been making headlines in politics, finance, health, and wellness even cosmetics and fashion.


With such a huge influx in industry, more and more brands are getting in the industry with their line-up of products.


While we’ve seen significant triumphs as society and government have shifted toward a (more) supportive environment, there are still major obstacles that the cannabis industry faces to promote and market.


Cannabis brands have always been known for their hugely creative aspect in marketing their products; they are not only creating great brand awareness in between all the noise but also a great cult following of loyal customers who want to be connected with the brand’s vision.


Even though the cannabis industry is making a lot of green still feels helpless when it comes to social media promotion just because it still is not completely legal in some states. and because of laws and regulations. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram still keep limiting cannabis-related advertisements.


But just because there are limitations this doesn't mean that grass isn't greener on the digital side for cannabis. Many canna-brands are making leaps in social media communities by playing with a mix of strategies.


Consistency with quality is the key. 

Yes, you can still grow your community organically and make your brand so much more admired and credible, by putting out purely great value content, proper branding and also at the same time promoting your product.


Keep pushing your content consistently to all the platforms because remember you cannot post 20 posts a day and do nothing for the other 20 days. Because while your Instagram account is silent other brand is right there on the feed of your customer.


There have been many brands who have been promoting just the experience of their product but not their product. Again. There have been many brands who have been promoting just the experience of their product but not their product.


You will have to find such aspects of your audiences which you can directly touch on, like does your audience like art? collaborate with artists and make a campaign based on that which artistically promotes your brand. 


Is your audience more into knowing about cannabis and history of it, produce enough content to educate them?


But it depends hugely on what kind of cannabis company you are and if you are providing a product or a service.


And now let's consider how you can grow your following and become credible in front of users.


Two words. Influencer Marketing.

It's hands down one of the most powerful ways to promote your cannabis business. 


Influencer marketing is like a savior to canna-brands because there are people who already have a huge following and audience. 


Do you know? many audiences specifically subscribe to such influencers who navigate them in finding a good product. You can simply think about the possibilities of an influencer giving your product a shout-out on their Instagram account with 30-50k followers.


By selecting the right influencers, you can gain more traction than by simply boosting a post. 


But for influencer marketing to produce big results you need a solid strategy, clear goals and a great product or service.


Getting your SEO game up:

Just simply put out content your customers will be searching for on the internet. Yes, it's that simple, if you publish enough value blogs on your website, helping out users, you are only paving ways for them to navigate effortlessly to your product.


Keep your website on check keep relinking your blogs and checkout for bad links. Try funnel the traffic coming from educational blogs to your website and show them your product's benefits. 


Grow your subscribers' list

Newsletters still work and there are still many consumers who will get awareness about your new sale or product by getting an mail from your end.


Make sure you do not spam your subscribers but provide great value and quality content to them to increase readership and open rates. Nobody want's a bland email just informing about a product right?


Start the effective marketing ready for your canna brand today.


In an ever-changing marketing world, there are many points to consider hopefully we help you get done with the basics right.

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