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Pros and cons of outsourcing your high-maintenance cannabinoids

Navigating the growing demand for cannabinoid-infused beverages that offer unique, differentiated products to consumers.

Incorporating high-maintenance cannabinoids into their products can help canna-beverage brands meet the growing demand for cannabinoid-infused beverages and offer unique, differentiated products that appeal to consumers seeking potential health benefits.

Some jurisdictions may have specific regulations around the type and amount of cannabinoids that can be used in beverages, and high-maintenance cannabinoids may be necessary to meet these requirements.

Sometimes, outsourcing can be a viable option for canna-beverage brands looking to incorporate high-maintenance cannabinoids into their products. However, it is important to carefully consider the pros and cons and select a reputable outsourcing partner to ensure that the final product meets the desired quality and regulatory standards.

 Cannabinoid-infused Beverages


1) Expertise

Outsourcing to a specialized company can provide access to a team of experts who are well-versed in the formulation, manufacturing, and regulatory compliance required for cannabinoid-infused beverages.

2) Cost savings

Outsourcing can be a cost-effective way to incorporate cannabinoids into your beverages, as it eliminates the need for investing in expensive equipment and hiring additional staff.

3) Quality assurance

A reputable outsourcing partner will have stringent quality control processes in place to ensure that the final product is consistent, safe, and meets regulatory requirements



1) Loss of control

Outsourcing can result in a loss of control over the manufacturing process, which can be concerning for some companies.

2) Communication challenges

Working with an outsourcing partner can sometimes result in communication challenges due to differences in time zones, language barriers, and cultural differences.

3) Dependency

Relying on an outsourcing partner for the production of cannabinoids can create a dependency on that partner, which can be difficult to break if the partner is unable to deliver or if the partnership ends.

Clearly, the cons seem workable, so, the next step is to find companies that can help source cannabinoids. 

There are many reputable companies in the US that canna-beverage brands may consider outsourcing their high-maintenance cannabinoids. Before choosing a partner, it's important to conduct thorough research and due diligence to ensure that the chosen partner has the necessary expertise, quality control processes, and regulatory compliance to meet the brand's needs.

Enter Cirona Labs

Cirona Labs

Cirona Labs manufactures water-soluble cannabinoid ingredients, for application in beverages, tinctures, topicals, and edibles.

They have over 100 years of experience developing products for major CPG and cannabis companies. The cGMP-certified lab is based in upstate New York on Cornell University’s Technology Farm. Premium products deserve premium ingredients. Cirona’s custom formulation approach scans an R&D library of over 900 ingredients, using data-driven science to create the most compatible match possible.


A similar approach is also valid in case you’re an edibles-forward brand.

AZUCA TiME INFUSION™ transforms high-maintenance cannabinoids into chef-ready ingredients for edibles manufacturers and brands

1) Fast-Acting, Hydrophilic, and Great Tasting Ingestibles

2) Euphoric Delta-9-THC Effect

3) Temperature & Supply Chain Stable

4) Simple & Scalable Manufacturing

5) Reduces Waste by up to 65%

If you are a Cannabis Beverage company looking to cut costs and focus on other growth areas in the market, the Cannabis Drinks Expo is for you. You can set up meetings with Cirona Labs or Azuca Time Infusion, and also network with Cannabis drinks industry leaders.

The event will feature wine and cannabis industry experts, distributors, and retailers, as well as political and legal analysts, medical researchers, and marketing & branding experts. They will discuss topics such as the current regulatory and policy landscape for cannabis drinks, licensing requirements, and market opportunities within the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Cannabis Drinks Expo

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Written by Stuti Khetan, Beverage Trade Network