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Photo for: Sally Wynter Talks About Muhu - UK’s First CBD Gin


Sally Wynter Talks About Muhu - UK’s First CBD Gin

In an exclusive interview, Sally Wynter, CEO, and Founder of Muhu Gin talks about UK’s first CBD gin.


From CBD infused toothpicks to CBD cocktails - the cannabis industry is making its way through all the leading business industries.

Editor In Chief of Cannabis Drinks Expo sat with Sally Wynter, CEO and Founder of Muhu - CBD infused gin. Wynter spoke about how she entered the cannabis industry and what it took to turn her vision for Muhu into reality.

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I graduated from university, where I studied film and English, in 2017. I had already been working as a freelance journalist from the 2nd year of my degree, so carrying on with this was a natural path for me to follow. I was also really hooked to the freedom that freelancing offered despite the difficulties that also came along with it, like suddenly finding a whole month of work had been canceled. Around 6 months after graduating, I had a start-up idea for a food app that I just couldn't shake. This made me realize that what I really wanted was to build my own start-up. Around November 2018, the idea for a spirits line with natural infusions came to me and MUHU was born.

Image: Muhu - CBD infused gin

  1. What brought you into the CBD industry?

I wouldn't say I'm 'in' the cannabis industry - because my brand is about natural infusions, not just CBD. I was using CBD for hangovers and also experimenting with it in cocktails around the time that the idea for MUHU came about - it seemed like too much of an exciting combination to miss!

  1. Currently, you're only in the UK, are you looking to expand to the United States anytime soon?

I've been contacted by a few distributors who are interested in bringing MUHU to the States - it's definitely something I'm open to.

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  1. Tell us about the 1300 pound budget on which you made MUHU. How did this happen?

A lot of hard work! And doing literally everything myself. I had to learn trademark law, study for my licenses, spend months researching and so on…

The savings really came in with the brand design - something that drinks companies can spend tens of thousands of pounds on. I was quoted £10,000 plus just for single label design, so I turned to online platforms like and work to find designers that would work on a much smaller budget. On top of this I just did a whole lot of networking. I'd reach out to people through Facebook groups, on LinkedIn and just tried to gather bits of advice from people who had experience in the industry that could help me out.

  1. What were some of the challenges you faced while entering the cannabis industry?

Finding the right supplier of CBD was the biggest challenge I faced. There are so many out there but finding a partner you can trust to provide a quality product, is easier said than done. I experimented with CBD in numerous forms before I found one that was right for my gin.

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  1. What do you think is the best marketing strategy for cannabis drinks?

The best marketing strategy? Find your niche and don't try to copy everybody else. I see a million white label type brands coming into the marketplace. And to the consumer, these brands just feel like they're jumping on the money train. I think brands need to really delve down into their brand identity - what are they, in particular, offering their customers over another brand. And then I think a key marketing strategy for any cannabis drink or product is to educate the customer on exactly what CBD is and acknowledge that the reason for using CBD for each consumer is likely to be unique to that individual.


Image: Sally Wynter, CEO and Founder of Muhu - CBD infused gin

  1. Where do you see the cannabis industry in the next 5 years?

I think cannabis and cannabis-related products will be completely mainstream in 5 years time. I can imagine picking up CBD oil or a CBD infused product with my milk at my local shop! There are just so many incredibly exciting uses across so many industries -, especially for sports.

  1. What’s one CBD drink that stands out to you?

Green Monkey - it's a UK based carbonated drink with CBD. Really fresh.

  1. What is your favorite way to drink Muhu?

Our first product is a sweet hibiscus flavored gin - so it's really floral and works incredibly well with a simple tonic. If I want to make something a little more exciting for a summer cocktail, I take a few blackberries from my garden and crush them a little to release some juices into the glass. I then add 1 1/2 ounces of MUHU gin and top up with ice and ginger beer. Delicious and so refreshing!!

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  1. When is Muhu launching and how can we get our hands on it.

MUHU will be available to order from next week on our website You can sign up now to get your hands on one of our very first bottles!

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