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The Business of Cannabis in the Drinks Industry

CDE on 25 July 2019 in San Francisco, will showcase opportunities that drinks industry can leverage from cannabis business.


Beverage Trade Network is hosting the first-ever Cannabis Drinks Expo in July 2019. The event will bring together leading professionals within the global drinks industry and the cannabis industry in order to discuss possible collaboration and partnership opportunities, with an overall focus on growing the distribution and sale of cannabis drinks. In recognition of the fact that California is now the center of the U.S. cannabis industry, the event will take place in San Francisco.

Given the rapid growth of the U.S. cannabis industry – including breakthrough legalization initiatives in states such as California - the Cannabis Drinks Expo is expected to garner significant industry support. Participants will include professionals from every sector of the global drinks industry, especially those with a focus on the creation, distribution and retail sale of new cannabis drinks for the U.S. consumer market.

Obviously, legal and regulatory issues continue to play a key role in the growth of the market, so a major focus of the upcoming Cannabis Drinks Expo will be to widen awareness and build knowledge about new cannabis legislation, regulatory issues, and possible opportunities that might emerge if Washington, D.C. takes steps to make it easier to sell cannabis drinks nationwide, and not just on a state-by-state basis.

“We’re really excited about hosting the Cannabis Drinks Expo next year. The field is still so new and so dynamic, and we’re putting together a program that will help all participants and exhibitors fully explore all the business opportunities out there,” says Sid Patel, CEO and founder of Beverage Trade Network.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo will consist of two main parts: a trade show exhibition hall where buyers and sellers can mingle and network, and a business conference covering some of the most important issues within the emerging cannabis drinks market. These topics will include direct-to-consumer marketing, distribution strategies, new business models, licensing and regulatory matters, and the potential for future collaboration with the wine and spirits industry (especially the California wine industry).

Already, we’ve seen tremendous innovation in the cannabis drinks market, with everything from cannabis-flavored energy drinks to wine infused with cannabis. That’s the same type of innovation that will be showcased on the trade show floor, as companies look for new opportunities to get their products onto retail product shelves. If you are looking to play a role in the growth of the cannabis drinks market, the one event to put on your calendar in 2019 is the Cannabis Drinks Expo.

For more information about the program of the Cannabis Drinks Expo, as well as additional details on how to become a sponsor or exhibitor, please visit Here.

Registration is now open for the 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo, both for participants and exhibitors. Seating is limited. Please inquire about Early Bird specials.

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