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Top Cannabis Influencers To Follow in 2022

Check out the list of leading cannabis influencers who are driving the cannabis wave forward.

Cannabis culture is a prevalent part of American society and has a big influence on music, food, entertainment, and the medicine industry. Its legalization has paved the way for many cannabis enthusiasts, who are now educating and inspiring thousands of people worldwide. 


Cannabis influencers are successfully leveraging the endless network of social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and much more to educate people about cannabis, cannabis products, and its use. These cannabis influencers are trendsetters, brand advertisers, and advocates for all things cannabis. 

From innovative cannabis products, marketing, and delicious cannabis-infused food recipes to different cannabis strains, their healing power, and exciting drinks and cocktails, these cannabis influencers are creating engaging content for a large canna-curious audience. 

So, here is a list of some of the top cannabis influencers that can help to dive deeper into the cannabis sphere.    

1. Jamie Evans

Jamie Evans

Image Source: Instagram

Founder of The Herb Somm, Jamie Evans is a popular cannabis blogger and author who talks about cannabis, food, recipes, wine, and the canna-culinary world. With over 30K followers on Instagram, Jamie was named the “Most Important Women in Weed” by Green Market Report in 2022. She has also written two books — The Ultimate Guide to CBD: Explore the World of Cannabidiol and Cannabis Drinks and Secrets to Crafting CBD and THC Beverages at Home. As a wine veteran and a cannabis specialist, Jamie recently launched a cannabis-infused non-alcoholic wine brand called “Herbacée”. You can join her for “High Noon Happy Hour” on Instagram Live for cannabis-infused drink tutorials.

2. Rachel Burkons

Rachel Burkons

Image Source: Instagram

Rachel Burkons is a known cannabis influencer and has over a decade of experience in the wine and spirits industry. She is the founder of “Altered Plates”, a culinary cannabis hospitality and events company, and has worked with some big cannabis brands. With over 12K followers, Rachel has growing followership on Instagram where she hosts weekly cannabis catch-up live sessions. She is one of the leading voices in exploring the connection between food, drink, and lifestyle with cannabis. You can check out her Instagram page to explore more about cannabis-infused drinks and cocktails.

3. Steve DeAngelo

Steve DeAngelo

Image Source: Instagram

Steve DeAngelo, aka Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry, is a cannabis rights activist who advocates for cannabis reform. He is the Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Harborside Inc., a  cannabis company with retail, production, and cultivation operations. He launched “The Last Prisoner Project”, a non-profit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reforms. Steve’s passion for cannabis reforms is driven by strong beliefs in the healing and medicinal properties of the cannabis plant. His influencer presence has grown to nearly 57K followers on Instagram where he promotes cannabis benefits and freedom and endorses exceptional cannabis brands.

4. Alice & Clark

Alice & Clark

Image Source: Instagram

Alice & Clark is an L.A-based married duo that makes entertaining and wholesome cannabis content on both Instagram and YouTube. With a tag of “That High Couple” on Instagram and over 32K followers, they are popular for their travel series to cannabis hotspots and dispensaries. They educate their followers about cannabis and cannabis-related products in a more fun and easy way. If you enjoy watching how to guides for cannabis products and want to learn more about growing weed at home, you should definitely check out Alice & Clark’s Instagram page. 

5. Sydni Smiley

Sydni Smiley

Image Source: Instagram

Sydni Smiley, aka Thee Vibe Queen, is a cannabis educator, influencer, and enthusiast who promotes cannabis-based products on Instagram. She is the founder of a CBD brand “Medicated Melanin” that sells vegan, hemp lip gloss among other wellness products. She has worked as a budtender and has in-depth knowledge about anxiety and pain-relieving benefits of cannabis. Sydni is loved for her Instagram series called “Different Strains Different Pains”, and releases regular episodes educating people about cannabis and its usage. 

6. Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes

Image Source: Instagram

Jorge Cervantes is a renowned horticulturist, publisher, and writer who specializes in the indoor and outdoor cultivation of medical cannabis. He has been a cannabis advocate for a long time and has released cannabis-based books like “Indoor Marijuana Horticulture” and “The Cannabis Encyclopedia”. Jorge highlights his travels, cannabis garden, and world events, and educates people about cannabis through a humorous approach on his Instagram and YouTube channels. His follower base has expanded to more than 87K followers on Instagram where he regularly shares his unique cannabis experience. 

7. Bess Byers 

Bess Byers

Image Source: Instagram

Bess Byers is a photographer, content creator, and advocate in the cannabis industry. She runs a cannabis digital marketing platform called “Blaise Creative” that helps cannabis brands along their digital marketing journey. Her Instagram profile has more than 90K followers and showcases fun yet educational cannabis tours to fields and dispensaries. Bess also talks about cooking with cannabis and cannabis concentrates. You should surely check out her Instagram profile if you want to learn more about cannabis strains, extracts, and recipes.  

8. Shonitria Anthony

Shonitria Anthony

Image Source: Instagram

Shonitria Anthony is a power figure on social media platforms who is normalizing the use of cannabis for moms. Her Instagram page shares both fun and informative content and aims to establish an uplifting and supporting page for moms who use cannabis and its products. Shonirita is the founder of the “Blunt Blowin’ Mama” brand and is taking on misinformed stereotypes around cannabis. She has over 39K followers on her Instagram profile where she actively talks about how to talk to kids about cannabis, cannabis consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and much more. 

9. Emily McCarter

Emily McCarter

Image Source: Instagram

Emily McCarter is a creative cannabis consultant, content marketer, and mental health advocate. She is the Co-founder of “Ok Ok Creative”, a content management and social media consulting company dedicated to ending the stigma around cannabis. She also runs a podcast where she talks about the cannabis and plant-based medicine industry. With over 22K followers, Emily’s Instagram profile receives high engagement where she has featured several cannabis brands like — Native Roots Cannabis Co, Philter Labs, and 

10. Travis Petersen

Travis Petersen

Image Source: Instagram

Cannabis chef and educator Travis Petersen has a wide variety of content and brand partnerships on his Instagram page. He is the founder of “The Nomadic Cook” brand, which offers unique dining experiences through cannabis-infused creations. Travis has over 10K followers and has managed to leverage his platform to work with top brands like LEVO Electronics, Leafly, and several non-cannabis-related brands. He wants to end the stigma around culinary cannabis, by bringing cannabis chefs together from all over North America and developing accurate and responsible dosing. You can follow his Instagram page if you want to bless your feed with lots of food and cannabis infusions.  

Article by Aanchal Sharma, Beverage Trade Network

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