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Top Dispensaries in Chicago

The state of Illinois has over 100 dispensaries with 17 in the city of Chicago, and 46 in Chicagoland suburbs. Let’s explore the top dispensaries in the city.

Chicago’s cannabis industry is a sad one. The stories coming out of that city’s industry are ugly, but I suppose they do have legal dispensaries so, not all ugly I suppose. Chicago isn’t set up like a lot of other legal cannabis cities. In Chicago, multi-state operators rule and so, the scene is much more corporate than it is cultured. In a piece published by Thrillist focused on Chicago cannabis dispensaries, they state that Chicago is the “home of many of America’s largest weed corporations.”


Maybe it’s because the industry is new to legalization there and hasn’t had an opportunity to establish a culture, but if this is the goal, this type of culture, won’t look at all like other markets. During my visit, I didn’t walk into any dispensaries; however, from a Google search for top Chicago dispensaries, the list below was born.

The state of Illinois has over 100 dispensaries with 17 in the city of Chicago, and 46 in Chicagoland suburbs. This means more than half of the dispensaries are in the Chicago area, and a good number of those have multiple locations.

Top Dispensaries in Chicago

Based on Yelp, the top dispensaries in Chicago are:

Based on the information found on Yelp, it appears that the information is based and ranked on customer reviews of these dispensaries.


Illinois recreational industry launched in 2020 and so, still in its infancy. And right now, there are headlines such as:

  • Illinois sued again over pot shop lottery process 
  • Illinois admits errors in marijuana shop lottery process
  • Lawyers, race, and money: Illinois' messy weed experiment

The people there are resilient and strong, and so this will pass. For those that live in the Chicago area and/or have explored dispensaries in Chicago, which dispensaries do you recommend?

Author: Veronica Castillo - The Traveling Cannabis Writer

Veronica Castillo is a writer from Miami, FL, that lives her life on the road, exploring all things cannabis and hemp in the United States.