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Top Dispensaries in Las Vegas

Nicotine smokers can smoke from slot machines, but cannabis smokers don’t have that luxury in Vegas.

Many think that Las Vegas is a great place for cannabis consumers, the truth is, it’s not. Most people visit Las Vegas and stay along the strip. And when they check-in and head downstairs to light up their blunt/joint, they are likely approached by hotel security- asking them to put out their lit blunt/joint. Why? Well- the hotels in Vegas are casinos and unlike other places, these casinos are corporate and operate under federal law.


So, when visiting the top dispensaries in Las Vegas, make sure you have an allowed place to consume because it won’t be as easy along the strip. Nicotine smokers have the luxury of smoking from the slot machines, cannabis smokers won’t have luxuries until consumption lounges open.

Top Dispensaries in Las Vegas

Preference is key on a subject like this. Ask 3 different people about the top dispensaries in Las Vegas, and you may get 3 different answers. A google search for top dispensaries in Las Vegas brings up different lists and so, the top dispensaries in Las Vegas may differ depending on preference.

Based on Vegas Cannabis Magazine, the top dispensaries in Las Vegas are:

According to the Things to do in Las Vegas blog, the top dispensaries in Las Vegas are:

Yelp has a list of top dispensaries in Las Vegas, that includes many of the names above with the addition of:

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The Yelp list seems to list every dispensary in the Las Vegas metro area and so one can guess that the list is based on ranking from “recommended” dispensaries on down.


What makes a dispensary a top dispensary? I suppose a checklist with standards for what would make a dispensary a top dispensary, would be needed. I don’t have a top dispensary in Las Vegas honestly, but that’s because Las Vegas isn’t one of my favorite legal cannabis states. However, below I provide insight into the ones I have visited and have had nice experiences in.

  • Shango: located in Paradise, Shango is a 24-hour dispensary that offers both pick-up and delivery options. 
  • Releaf: which is named above is located on the Las Vegas Strip. I like this dispensary on the strip over others because it’s smaller and quieter, and so, isn’t so overwhelming.
  • Reef: named above and one of the largest dispensaries in Las Vegas, Reef is the dispensary that has cannabis growing on-site as well. 
  • Planet 13: named above and one of the biggest dispensaries, if not the biggest dispensary in Las Vegas.

Something to consider; delivery along the strip, hotels, and casinos is generally not allowed. It’s a good idea to check into this because services like shopping for cannabis and ordering for delivery through Weedmaps aren’t a thing. Per a Reddit thread, only home deliveries are allowed.

Author: Veronica Castillo - The Traveling Cannabis Writer

Veronica Castillo is a writer from Miami, FL, who lives her life on the road, exploring all things cannabis and hemp in the United States.