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What Consumers are Saying About These Cannabis-Infused Drinks

As more states begin to legalize cannabis for recreational use, weed-infused drinks are touted as a healthier alternative to alcohol.

At the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023, there is much to learn about providing alternative options for alcohol consumption.

More alcohol brands and bars are working to introduce beverages that contain THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that gets people high. For example, breweries in Minnesota now offer THC-infused seltzers after lawmakers legalized edibles, although the trend started earlier in more weed-friendly states such as Colorado and California. 

THC-infused drinks might appeal to people who want a social buzz without the effects of alcohol, and some products are marketed as low-calorie, natural, and “hangover-free.”

Let's look at what real-time consumers say online about the products! What better way to learn than from the customers themselves?


Ben Kovler, the CEO and founder of Green Thumb Industries, says his company invested in Cann because he was impressed with the brand and its ability to attract consumers.

Kovler, an heir to the Jim Beam whiskey fortune, believes cannabis drinks are more akin to alcoholic beverages as they are made for socializing and relaxing.  By contrast, many flower and edible products are marketed as ways to treat pain or anxiety.

The Cann website features a few fantastic consumer insights into the brand, the beverages, and the effects.

Lindsay: “I've tried a few cannabis beverages, and I do have to say that these are far and away my favorite! Perfect size, perfect dose (for me). But what really sets these apart are the incredible flavors! All three are great, but the Lavender ones just are remarkable! I hope they release new flavor options to NY State as I can't wait to try more!”

Virginia: “I've been looking for a wine substitute, and Cann products may just be that substitute. My first (but definitely not my last) order was Lemon Lavender. It sounds "canned". But it is light, refreshing, not sweet, and wonderfully satisfying. I'm ordering the trio pack next."

Emily: "Tastes so good. Very light and not overly carbonated. These would be a great option for someone with low tolerance. I have a moderate tolerance, and I felt more relaxed but not buzzed after a single can. Next time I’ll be pairing with a bowl."

Mary Jones Soda

Since 1996, a small team of soda enthusiasts has dedicated themselves to bringing you the best cane sugar soda possible with Jones Soda. The mission at Mary Jones is to keep you satisfied and cannabis-infused with flavors that stimulate your palette and spirit.

“Our strong Mary Jones launch validates the strategic decision we made to enter the cannabis industry to leverage our brand equity, diversify our portfolio, and move into a profitable high-growth category to drive the company’s future,” Mark Murray, president, and CEO of Jones Soda Company said in a statement.

“Building on our initial success, this new higher potency 100mg product unlocks a valuable category with a higher value product aimed at a more mature cannabis consumer,” Murray shared. “With our ambitious product roadmap and new partnerships enabling us to expand to other states, I’m confident that our Cannabis Division will be instrumental in our growth in 2023 and beyond.”


Mary Jones sodas are cannabis-infused versions of the company’s popular beverages, including Jones’ Root Beer, Berry Lemonade, Green Apple, and Orange & Cream, which have been among the brand’s top sellers for 25 years. The company maintains that each flavor tastes exactly like its corresponding Jones Soda counterpart “thanks to award-winning Jones flavor scientists who have customized Jones’ signature craft soda recipes to accommodate the addition of THC emulsions.”


After years of research, LEVIA unlocked the secret to crisp and refreshing cannabis-infused drinks and water-soluble tinctures that offer flexible dosing. Since then, LEVIA has created the best-tasting cannabis-infused seltzers and water-soluble cannabis tinctures. The beverage brand’s variety of products is rooted in simple, all-natural ingredients and aims to elevate experiences with a fast and predictable onset of effects from THC in cannabis.

LEVIA launched in early 2021, offering the first cannabis-infused seltzers available at over 70 licensed cannabis dispensaries across Massachusetts. All LEVIA products provide a fast and predictable onset from a choice of sativa, hybrid, or indica cannabis, a consistent experience, and no hangover.

Silver Therapeutics recently shared their thoughts on the brand: “Levia is hands-down our favorite no-calorie THC seltzer because it is big on flavor, and that happens with only natural flavor additives. In addition, the Levia seltzer THC drinks do not contain artificial sweeteners, which we found to be a big plus and a commonality with some of the more popular brands.”

Meet More Consumers at the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023

This is the event of 2023 for brands and investors alike to come together to support the growing drinks category in the cannabis market. With new states legalizing cannabis, the shows this year will be focused on bringing cannabis drink professionals from all new legal states.

Save the date for your city and connect with MSOs, dispensaries, growers, packaging companies, co-packers, flavor suppliers, cannabis beverage brands, and other service providers looking to enter the cannabis beverage market.

Register today to attend in San Francisco on July 27th or Chicago on August 1st.

The article was written by Hannah (Izer) Vysoky