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What Does a Great Distribution Partner in Cannabis Look Like

Hannah Davis Tsumoto, Cannabis Marketing Consultant is set to discuss the ins and outs of a great distribution partner in the canna-world

Cannabis legalization has surely opened up a lot of doors for brands to expand in the cannabis industry. However, there are still a strict set of rules about the distribution of cannabis, which can make it hard for brands to find their way into the growing cannabis market. The first step into having a successful cannabis distribution is to have a good distribution partner.

At the 2nd edition of the Cannabis Drinks Expo, Hannah Davis Tsumoto is set to take the stage and discuss all a good distribution partner in the cannabis industry.

In this new world of Cannabis, the distribution model is still developing. Great distributors need to understand the challenges of both the brands that they carry and the retailers that they sell to. From a service-oriented culture to a marketing strategy built on partnerships, distributors are built to connect this emerging supply chain, making it more turn-key and efficient for brands to effectively get their products into the hands of retailers. This talk will outline the current distribution model and various iterations in different states in the US.

Learn what to look for in a great distributor from both a brand and retailer perspective with case studies, success stories and “watch-outs” from brands, distributors and retailers.

About Hannah Davis Tsumoto

Hannah Davis Tsumoto is a Cannabis Marketing Consultant, who was formerly the Chief Marketing Officer at Mammoth Cannabis Distribution. Hannah brings 10 years of experience from working in craft beer to the cannabis industry. She consults her clients on marketing strategy, multi-state market entry, and strategic business practices. Her work with various brands and distributors in the cannabis industry includes product portfolio strategy, advertising, influencer and social media, public relations, consumer research, and retail marketing. Recently through her role as CMO at Mammoth Distribution, she worked with brand partners like Heavy Hitters, on product development and differentiation through positioning, packaging and marketing, and was responsible for identifying and cultivating new brand relationships and closing the gap between brands and retailers.

If you are interested in learning more about how to get your brand to market or how to best work with retailers, attend this session to understand the current distribution model and projections for the future of the cannabis industry supply chain.

Other speakers at the 2020 Cannabis Drinks Expo include

Speakers who will be delving into the ins and outs of the cannabis drinks industry throughout the day at CDE 2020 include:

  • Eric Becker, Director of Research & Analysis, MadisonJay Solutions

  • Shivawn Brady, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Justice Grown

  • Rachel Burkons, Co-Owner, Altered Plates

  • Michael Christophe, Co-Founder and CEO, mood33

  • Chris Cuvelier, CEO, Zola and Head of Beverage, Caliva

  • Christine De La Rosa, CEO & Co-Founder, The People’s Dispensary

  • Lauren Fraser, VP of Supply Chain, Flow Kana

  • Neal Levine, CEO, Cannabis Trade Federation

  • Michael Lewis, CEO, Sprig

  • Josh Lizotte, CEO & Co-Founder, Rebel Coast Winery

  • Dennis O’Malley, CEO, Caliva

  • Dr Alexey Peshkovsky, President & CSO, Industrial Sonomechanics

  • Eric Schnell, Co-Founder & President, mood33

  • Bill Silver, CEO, CannaCraft

  • Anna Symonds, Cannabis Educator & Advocate

  • Caroline Yeh, Director of Commercialization, Kiva Confections