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Why Drinking is the Future of Cannabis

How Dispensaries Can Capitalize on the Largest Growth Category in Cannabis

Cannabis drinks will become the best and most popular way to consume cannabis in the future. But what do you really know about this unique and highly anticipated category? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know much at all, outside of it's well funded despite low sales. 

You may have heard that there will be cannabis drinks on the market soon from big names in beverages, but you’re not exactly sure what that means and you aren't seeing the returns today. The following brief article should fill you in on some of the basics of why many are excited and why you should learn more at the cannabis drinks expo. 

Cannabis beverages are gaining traction amongst both consumers. Yet many retailers are quick to point out that it's only 2% of total sales in California Cannabis today.

So the question then is why should you attend a conference focused on a small segment in the industry?

2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo Conference

In Frame: Dr. Alexey Peshkovsky at the 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo Conference

Beverages are the most versatile and accessible form factor when it comes to ingesting cannabis ingredients, and will become the most popular.

- Beverages are the most ubiquitous consumer product. Our entire human culture is built around beverages - Like cannabinoids, beverages can be both fun and functional - Beverages aren’t as intrusive and foreign as inhaling combustible material and have a quicker onset than edibles - Formulation experts can create a beverage that is mood-altering, healthy, low calorie, and flavorful all in one (what more do you need?)

We are deep into a period where people are starting to understand that cannabis provides more than a high. Cannabis gives you energy, produces feelings of euphoria, relaxation, focus, alleviates pain, and can even be a replacement for erectile dysfunction (assuming your issue is psychological and not medical). The best way to ingest active ingredients is still in liquid form, as any coffee lover will tell you.

Cannabis Drinks Expo exhibitor, Oh Hi Beverages

In Frame: One of our exhibitors, Oh Hi Beverages

In our lifetime, cannabis beverages will be a vice of choice for bars, a cognitive creative boost in coffee shops, and the ultimate superfood ingredient at your smoothie spot. The time to collaborate and get consumers what they want is now, while they can only get it from licensed cannabis retailers. 

Cannabis beverages will reach critical mass. A future where they're sold side-by-side with other beverages is a possibility. I can leverage my experience at PepsiCo and talk all day about how that can happen. 

Retailers can build a beverage strategy with support from their partners in branding, manufacturing, and distribution.

In-store displays

Brands are investing in coolers to invite consumers to quench their thirst in the dispensary instead of the gas station.

Optimized delivery and backroom storage

Cannabis beverage-focused distributors will deliver more variety in one order, with more frequency, alleviating storage concerns.

Competitive retail prices

With more beverage-focused contractors coming online and increased economies of scale, the cost of goods will decrease netting lower retail prices to the consumer.

Opportunity is here. Are you in?

If you’re serious about the cannabis drinks category, we’re still keeping it as real as ever. You can capitalize now while it's still new. At Cannabis Drinks Expo, our goal is to empower you with knowledge, network, and platform so you can grow and build your cannabis drinks business. Cannabis Drinks Expo is where you will find cannabis brands and suppliers that are serious about building their business in this category exhibit.