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Caliva bringing in new retail experince with their Deli

A new dispensary concept is here by Caliva for their consumers

When you think about a deli, the first thing which comes to your mind is a friendly go-to local store from where you get all your food and food supplies. 


Maybe Caliva wants to hit just that feeling of consumers by letting them feel comfortable while buying their cannabis supplies.


The burgeoning industry recently in July got another artist Jay-Z from the music industry who joined California-based Caliva as its Cheif Brand Strategist.


Caliva opened the doors of its first Southern California dispensary called Deli by Caliva.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new outfit has an aesthetic inspired by a vintage delicatessen––white subway tile, pastel hues and all––and is located in Bellflower, California, a small city just southeast of Los Angeles. This particular concept derives its name from an offering of pre-rolled joints called Deli that Caliva that launched in January; the company ran with it and decided to bring the feeling of an old-school deli into its first physical space.


The walls are lined with goods from several L.A. based companies, boutique greenhouses, and family farms, as well as classic Caliva products with their Deli collection.


Deli has been in development since early 2019, meaning Jay-Z didn't have a hand in the retro retailer but is expected to bring his ideas to life in 2020. 


"As a major Shawn Carter fan, I could not be more ecstatic personally to be working for Caliva and to be working now with Jay-Z in a collaborative effort. The entire company is just thrilled beyond words," says Elizabeth Cooksey, svp of retail for Caliva. "It's so very new. There are a lot of conversations happening with him."


So is a Jay-Z product line or concept store on the way? "Nothing is off the table right now. We are really eager to see how high is high," she says. "He is such an innovator and such an artist that we look forward to partnering and taking his point of view and perspective into account as we grow our product line and our retail experience."


Cooksey adds that the deli theme was natural. "Because we had a cool namesake already called Deli, it was like let's play that up and lean into that sort of tongue-in-cheek notion of how a customer experiences a typical food deli, a sandwich deli, sitting at the countertop," she tells The Hollywood Reporter. "We will also have deals like you go to a deli and you have the pie a la mode, like the apple pie this week and peach cobbler the next week. ... We want this to feel like a neighborhood, familiar, comfortable joint, pardon the pun."


Information and image source: The Hollywood Reporter, Yahoo News & Caliva