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Cannabis Drinks Expo's Aim: Leverage The Cannabis Drinks Industry

The Cannabis Drinks Expo is a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

"If you're a brand owner or a distillery or brewery looking for an on-ramp to the very aggressively growing U.S. cannabis industry, this event will provide the perfect platform for growth." This is what Ankita Okate, Cannabis Drinks Expo's Chief Communications & Global Growth Officer said when asked about the Cannabis Drinks Expo's aim.

Indeed, the Cannabis Drinks Expo, as well as similar advertising events, has propelled the cannabis beverage industry into newer heights. In 2018 alone, cannabis-infused beverages totaled $174 out of the $11.3 billion total marketing sales of the cannabis industry. $174 is a shy amount but significant. Imagine what it's worth now.

So, If you're thinking of attending the Cannabis Drinks Expo, you don't have to think twice as you might be missing on some opportunities here.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo: The only show in North America focused on cannabis drink products

The Cannabis Drinks Expo poised to stage in Chicago, Illinois, is a once a year opportunity for people in the upstate to get inside the holy grail of cannabis beverage.

"The Cannabis Drinks Expo is the only show in North America completely dedicated to the business of cannabis drink products. This is a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world," Okate said.

If you're still wary of attending the Cannabis Drinks Expo Chicago show, breath this in:

"The fantastic turnout by both vendors and attendees at this inaugural Cannabis Drinks Expo was hugely encouraging and gives great confidence in the future of this market segment," said Matt Ernst, Director of the Corporate Sales Cannabis News Wire.

Attend CDE in Chicago

The coming 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo organized by the Beverage Trade Network is one for the books. The coming event is one of the biggest expos the Beverage Trade Network is yet to organize. Beverage Trade Network led a successful cannabis drink expo last summer with a turnout of vendors and attendees that the organizers didn't even imagine.

Aside from Chicago, Illinois, the Cannabis Drinks Expo will also stage an event in San Francisco to cater to the West Coast crowd.

How does the Cannabis Drinks Expo help budding cannabis beverage businesses in their quest?

Okate broke down the facts of why Cannabis Drinks Expo propels budding cannabis businesses to flourish.

First, the Cannabis Drinks Expo marries the unique cannabis beverage industries of each state into one explosive event. The meet-up of geniuses in one event is a hands-on masterclass experience for innovations of any kind.

"Since the U.S. cannabis industry is so different on a state-by-state basis, the goal of the Cannabis Drinks Expo is to widen the perspective of participants, enabling them to see how a strategy that has done well in one state might also be used to expand into another state. In the same way, a California winemaker might meet the perfect partner to make a new cannabis drink strategy work", said Okate.

Second, the Cannabis Drinks Expo is the chance to meet your potential partner and contractor. If you have a waterloo in a particular aspect, for example, packaging, this is your chance to gather your partnership options from different cannabis contractors who offer such a service.

"The primary effect of Cannabis Drinks Expo is the chance to meet new high-quality partners with expertise in growing, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, packaging, and branding. A tradeshow floor enables participants to interact with these partners directly, find out what types of services they offer and see how they can help to bring new products to the market," as per Okate.

The result of which is founded on two things, "participants will be able to accelerate their time to market and start making new sales faster," said Okate.

Attend CDE in San Francisco

Does this mean that shows like the Cannabis Drinks Expo helps the cannabis beverage industry be mainstream?

Definitely, but it could only be a contributing factor. Okate said that the Cannabis Drinks Expo has always been about "to facilitate the drinks industry to streamline with the cannabis industry and help the cannabis industry to uplift itself in a faster way," but not to entirely replace the alcohol beverage industry.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo, as well as similar advertising events' goals for the cannabis beverage industry, is already manifesting. In fact, there are two trending things on the market today - the increasing reach of the cannabis drinks industry and the increasing number of millennials that deter from drinking alcoholic beverages.

In data analyzed by Cowen, a research firm, the alcoholic beverage sales are slowing down while the cannabis reach is increasing. The firm gave the cannabis industry projection of $75 billion in 2030. Also, by Cowen, it was found that drinking rates are lower by about 13% in states that cannabis is legalized compared to the rest of the states in the U.S.

Millennials and adults of the Gen Z category are not too wild on alcohol consumption, most particularly in Europe, Canada, and the U.S (United States of America). The moderation in their drinking consumption prompted some beverage companies to level up their game. For example, companies like Heineken, Guinness, and Budweiser made versions of low- or zero alcohol beers.

More about the upcoming Cannabis Drinks Expo

The bustling cities of Chicago and San Francisco on August 3, 2021 and July 29, 2021, respectively, will be visited by some of the most known names in the cannabis beverage sector. Top brands like Mood33, Tinley Beverage Co., High Style Brewing Co., Spacestation, Bevcanna, California Dreamin', Industrial Sonomechanics, Viv & Oak, Guardian, and SōRSE will be exhibiting their products and services in the expo floor.

It's not every day in Illinois that you see a cannabis event, much more if it's a Cannabis Drinks Expo. The Chicago Cannabis Drinks Expo isn't just any expo you'll attend. It's easily one of the biggest cannabis drinks show to date. So gather your wit's end and prepare to enter the world of endless possibilities in the 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo.