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Here is What You Will Learn & Gain by Stopping at the Cannabis Drinks Expo - 2022!

Discover fast-growing cannabis drinks brands at the 3rd Annual Cannabis Drinks Expo on July 28 in San Francisco and on August 2 in Chicago.

Cannabis Drinks Expo: Discover skyrocketing category from hemp-based sports drinks to cocktails. 

Image: Cannabis Drinks Expo

Image: Cannabis Drinks Expo

You'll find drinks and infusions made with CBD hemp oil, THC-infused cocktails, naturally sweetened sodas, non-alcoholic beers, and wines, kombucha teas; and if you're curious about the world of cannabis drinks and want to learn more, here are some of the things you can expect to gain from attending:

  • But, first, learn about different companies that make cannabis drinks.
  • Meet experts who can offer tips on making your cannabis drinks at home.
  • Meet other enthusiasts who love cannabis as much as you do!
  • Experience samples of many types of cannabis drinks — like CBD tonics and marijuana-replacement wine — without buying them yourself!


Learn More About the Growing Cannabis Industry.

The cannabis industry is multiplying, and with legalization spreading to more states, it will only get bigger. The latest edition of the Cannabis Drinks Expo will allow attendees to learn more about this exciting new industry.

The theme for the 2022 show will be ‘Growing The Category’. The 2022 show will focus on helping anyone looking to get into the category learn and develop new products, it will help existing brands expand into other states by meeting other state manufacturers. It will help retailers and distributors develop their store own brands, it will find new ways cannabis beverages can be marketed and sold. It will find new ways cannabis beverages can be developed to grow end consumer market share. 

The 2022 show will focus on increasing the overall category by showcasing exhibitors who can help do that and by creating networking opportunities and focusing on multi-state bottlenecks that are in place. The show will have an international and national focus instead of a state-based focus. This is where multistate operators will come to find synergies and do business with each other and help the category grow.

Hosted by the Beverage Trade Network, this expo will shine a spotlight on the skyrocketing legal cannabis market and provide insight into its future brimming with opportunity.

Dates and Location:

San Francisco: July 28, 2022 - South San Francisco Conference Center, 255 South Airport Boulevard South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States

Chicago: August 2, 2022 - Midwest Conference Centre, 401 W Lake St Northlake, Chicago IL 60164, United States

Taste (and Feel) the Difference.

Cannabis drinks have taken the industry by storm in the past two years. Now, several companies are creating cannabis-infused beverages and selling them to consumers. One of the most popular products is cannabis-infused beer, which has been around for now. However, other drinks are also gaining popularity, such as sodas, teas, juices, and even coffee. These beverage companies have worked tirelessly to create cannabis drinks that taste good and feel good.

Image: Cannabis Drinks Expo

Image: Cannabis Drinks Expo

There are many benefits associated with drinking cannabis-infused beverages, such as:

  • Help reduce anxiety and stress levels.
  • Help improve moods and relieve depression symptoms.
  • Promote relaxation and better sleep patterns
  • Increase appetite when taken on an empty stomach

The Biggest Global Gathering of Cannabis Drinks.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo is the biggest event in the world focused on this category. The event will bring together drinks producers, manufacturers, brand owners, leading cannabis companies, and marketing experts all in one place for a spectacular expo and business conference.

Brands and Suppliers Serious about Building Businesses.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo provides an opportunity for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and investors to network with one another as they discuss the future of the cannabis and CBD beverage industry.

Image: Cannabis Drinks Expo 2022 Exhibitors

Image: Cannabis Drinks Expo 2022 Exhibitors

At Cannabis Drinks Expo, you will find cannabis brands and suppliers serious about building their business in this category exhibit. The list of 2022 exhibitors includes some of the top companies like — Boston Beer Company, BevZero, Cann, American Canning, Vertosa, Wynk, Headset, Azuca, Cannabistry, Berlin Packaging, and many more.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo will feature a full day of educational sessions covering topics such as formulation trends in high-growth categories such as CBD beverages and kombucha; emerging technologies such as micro-infusion systems; packaging trends; marketing strategies; compliance issues; distribution channels; retail compliance; shelf life extension; delivery methods; consumer trends; social media strategies; regulatory updates from federal and state agencies; advertising regulations from Facebook & Google."


Don’t Miss Out on the Best Connections in Cannabis Beverages.