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Iron Heart Mobile Canning Can Help You Package In 28 States.

If you are a new cannabis brand or looking to scale in other markets, Iron Heart Mobile Canning can help you.

If you are looking to launch a new cannabis beverage brand or trying to expand into other states, Iron Heart Canning Company can help your right packaging partner and help you save on your capital investment.

Owning your own line means staffing it, running it, maintaining it, and having it take up precious floor space. Mobile canning allows you to put your focus (and money) on creating and perfecting your product.

Their canning capabilities include more than just filling cans with your product. You can have ultimate flexibility in can choices because they offer can sizes from 187ml all the way up to 19.2oz, and if you source your packaging with them, you will always have cans. 


They can accommodate small batch runs as well as high-capacity filling, and they can even help out if your in-house line has gone down and you need to get the product out the door. Other Capabilities Include: Dedicated Canning Asset Installations Date coding In-line labeling Nitro dosing Packaging & Materials Sourcing

You never have to worry about the debt risk & expense, cost of financing, maintenance, breakdowns, materials sourcing & storage, and operator staffing/wages of owning your own packaging line with IHC. Using their service allows additional investment in the revenue/growth centers of your business infrastructure so that you have increased capacity to produce your product and grow revenue.

Meet Roger Kissling, Vice President from Iron Heart Canning Company on how they can help you launch and scale your cannabis beverage brands. 

They will be exhibiting at Cannabis Drinks Expo. Get your visitor tickets here and meet them.