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Making Cannabis History: Cannabis-Infused Beverages

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You've waited long enough to hear firsthand from the movers and shakers in the cannabis-infused sector. It's one of the fastest-growing segments of the cannabis industry. Opportunity knocks! 

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If you have even the slightest interest in the cannabis industry, this is the expo to attend. You'll see and hear fascinating demonstrations & explanations about the delicious world of cannabis beverages. We're paving the way for the future of cannabis. We would love for you to join us.

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CHECK OUT who and what we have lined up

Speakers & Topics:

Contract Manufacturing for Cannabis-Infused Beverages

RICK GILLIS  President of The Tinley Beverage Company 

Richard (Rick) explains how to scale with contract manufacturing & covers issues like capability, quality, food safety, compliance, potency, and distribution.

Rick was previously the President of Young’s Market Company, one of the USA’s largest beverage alcohol distributors, with a presence in virtually every market in the Western United States. 

"Water-Soluble" Cannabis: Ultrasonic Production of Liquid and Powdered Nanoemulsions of CBD, THC and/or Other Cannabinoids

DR. ALEXEY PESHKOVSKY, President & CSO, Industrial Sonomechanics LLC 

How to formulate & manufacture translucent cannabinoid nanoemulsions (“water-soluble” CBD and THC), that can be readily mixed into & administered as beverages. Also, extract powders that can be consumed directly as fast-dissolving tablets or infused into beverages, edibles.

Working with Distributors 

JOY HUDSON, Founder & CEO at Nimble Distribution 

Joy shares tips for brands looking to effectively work with distributors.

Self Distribution, Managing Sales Teams, & Supporting Retail Partners 

AVE MILLER, Chief Global Sales Officer at Fly Beverage Co

Ave will share how they built the fastest growing brand in California state & the #1 selling lemonade sku with scaling into 220 shops in 13 months, how they do their distribution and sell effectively to retail.

Cannabis Drinks Expo Conference Speakers

In frame: Cannabis Drinks Expo Speakers

Advocating for Change: How the Cannabis Beverage Industry Can Succeed in California (Panel) 

AARON SILVERSTEIN, CBA President, VP of Production & BD of House of Saka 

Cannabis Beverage Association (CBA) is a California-based trade association that provides a collective voice to the sector & advocates for the sector's unique needs. Meet key members of the CBA & its allies working together in Sacramento to affect the changes that support the infused-beverage industry. Learn about what's been accomplished, what's in progress, & how you can have your voice heard.

-Aaron Silverstein, CBA President
- Macai Polansky, CBA Founder, Co-Founder of SpaceStation & Cannagram
- David Quintana, CBA Lobbyist, Founder of Resolute Company
- Political Representative, TBD

Want to create your cannabis beverage brand: here's how to do it 

BRADLEY MORA, CEO at Spacestation 

Spacestation specializes in turnkey contract manufacturing solutions that enable companies of all sizes to effectively develop a cannabis beverage brand & help takes their new product to market. Brad will give you insights on how to start your cannabis beverage brand.

Tapping into the Untapped Market for Your Cannabis Beverage Products 

CHRISTINE DE LA ROSA, CEO & Co-Founder, The People's Dispensary 

The legal market for cannabis products across the US is $10BN, the non-legal or informal market is 7x more than that. We are talking about this untapped market, why it exists, why it continues to thrive. What you, as an existing or upcoming brand can do, to ensure you're reaching this market & helping them transition into purchasing your legal product. What's relevant when developing & marketing your brand when you market for the rest of us. We will consider that luxury brands aren't what the bulk of existing consumers are looking for in drinks. Finally, discussing how beverages can be an equalizer both in quality & in cost-effectiveness for the market.

Why Cannabis Will Steal Share from the Alcohol Occasion

TRACEY MASON, Co-Founder & CEO, House of Saka, Inc 

Tracey, a former alcohol-industry executive turned cannabis beverage entrepreneur, delivers her unique & oft humorous perspective. The question that continues to plague the minds of the alcohol & cannabis industry alike…are we all high or can cannabis replace the alcohol occasion?

Cannabis Drinks Expo conference speakers

In frame: Cannabis Drinks Expo Speakers

How to Effectively Launch & Scale Your Cannabis Beverage Brand 

JUDY YEE, CEO & Co-Founder, K-Zen beverage

Anticipated and unexpected challenges in launching a cannabis beverage brand and how to overcome them.

Cannabis Drinks: Secrets to Crafting Infused Beverages at Home 

JAMIE EVANS, CEO, Entrepreneur, Author, The Herb Somm 

“Welcome to the future of beverages! Infusing cannabis into drinks can be done in a variety of ways. Learn all about it in this exciting session to craft delicious cocktails, smoothies, lattes, and spirit-free mixed drinks. Maybe you're curious about CBD or perhaps you've tried a store-bought sparkling cannabis drink already. Either way, learn the ins and outs of making (and enjoying) deliciously infused drinkables at home with Jamie Evans, founder of The Herb Somm and author of the new book, Cannabis Drinks: Secrets to Crafting CBD and THC Beverages at Home.“

Cannabis Beverages: Current Trends & Future Predictions

JOCELYN SHELTRAW, Cannabis & Consciousness at Headset 

Cannabis sales continue to grow across all legal markets, & with the rise of new form elements, we're seeing new types of consumers. We will explore cannabis drinks, what products are popular, who consumes them, brand affinity & loyalty, and forecasts for Beverage sales over the next 2 years. 

Building Memorable Cannabis Beverages That Taste Like Cannabis (not like candy)


A freelance mixologist specializing in Craft Spirits & Cannabis, Warren's developed bar programs & implemented their cocktail & ice programs. He is a cannabis alchemist, mixologist, chef, and journalist known as the Cocktail Whisperer.

In frame: Cannabis Drinks Expo Speakers

How Do Cannabis Education Help Attract Customers?

ANNA SYMONDS, Cannabis Educator & Advocate 

What do consumers need to know about cannabis-infused beverages, and how can you best help them understand the basics? Learn how to effectively and ethically tell a compelling story for your products, including the important facts that will help consumers have an optimal experience. 

Key Regulatory Questions for Cannabis Beverages

MICHAEL COOPER, Managing Member, MadisonJay Solutions

Learn more about key regulatory questions for cannabis beverages and how you can lay the foundation for future growth in this exciting sector.

Effective Ways to Market your Cannabis Beverage Brand from Dispensary to Internet

JOSH LIZOTTE, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at Rebel Coast

Josh will share tips on how to set up effective marketing for all your channels like distribution, DTC, dispensary. What works for what channel and where to spend your dollars & time in marketing, for growth.

Cannabis Drinks Expo conference speakers

In frame: Cannabis Drinks Expo Speakers

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