Photo for: Meet Ken VandeVrede, Founder and CEO of HillviewMed Inc In Chicago On November 15



Meet Ken VandeVrede, Founder and CEO of HillviewMed Inc In Chicago On November 15

Ken will share his insights on ‘The Future of Hemp and Cannabis Consumption - Fast Onset Water Soluble Beverage’

A deep dive on the future of Cannabis drinks and why local, clean, and most importantly fast onset beverages are the way of the future. The trials and tricks of bringing true water-soluble, full-spectrum hemp & THC beverage to market in a highly regulated space.


10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Midwest Ballroom

Ken VandeVrede is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and active Board Member of HillviewMed Inc. Ken serves on the ATACH Cannabis Beverage Council, and formerly served on the boards of both ONE Cannabis and Terra Tech Corp. (Public companies)

As a third-generation expert in agriculture, Ken began his cannabis career at Terra Tech Corp, the first publicly traded company in the US to touch the cannabis plant. Under Ken’s leadership as COO, Terra Tech acquired over $150M in cannabis assets in multiple markets and increased revenues from startup to over $40M annually.

Ken VandeVrede, Founder and CEO of HillviewMed

Source: Ken VandeVrede, Founder and CEO of HillviewMed

Continuing to build upon his cannabis leadership expertise, Ken founded HillviewMed, next-generation hemp, and cannabis company. One of the first companies to receive a hemp cultivation license in the state of New Jersey, Hillview is also the parent company for several notable brands in the cannabis space including Kalo, the first-ever truly water-soluble full spectrum cannabis beverage. In its first 18 months, Kalo grew to 10 states and 15+ distribution partners. Hillview continues to innovate towards the future, delivering consistent, reliable cannabis products to meet consumer and pharmaceutical needs through our state-of-the-art patented water-soluble process.

Considered one of the “voices of the cannabis industry,” Ken is frequently called upon to educate and work in partnership with legislators, senators, the media, business leaders, boards, and government agencies.

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