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Troy Brosnan, Co-Founder of LEVIA (AYR Wellness), Talks the Cannabis Drinks Category

Rooted in simple, natural ingredients, LEVIA cannabis beverages are crafted to elevate consumer experiences with fast and predictable onset times

LEVIA is dedicated to creating the best-tasting cannabis seltzers around. Rooted in simple, natural ingredients, LEVIA cannabis beverages are crafted to elevate consumer experiences with fast and predictable onset times. With the cannabis drinks market on the rise, these brands are ahead in establishing their beverage brands within the industry.

We chatted with Troy Brosnan, the co-founder of LEVIA, which operates under AYR Wellness. Their products are currently available for sale in Massacuchets dispensaries. We spoke with Brosnan about his background, cannabis branding, and his views on the future of the cannabis drinks category.

Introduction to the Cannabis Drinks Industry

Cannabis Drinks Expo: How did you become involved in the cannabis industry?

Troy Brosnan: As a cannabis advocate long before Massachusetts added recreational cannabis to the ballot in 2016, I knew it was time to tour the country and see what product consumers loved, so I could return home with my team and development a product that would give the currently available products competition. And after research and sampling, beverages were the clear winner.

Significant Paths Ahead for Cannabis Beverages

Many consumers and companies realize that consuming cannabis can benefit customers. For example, for those who struggle with anxiety, sipping on a THC drink could be perfect for calming your nerves at a social gathering. Imagine showing up to the party with a pack of cannabis drinks instead of beer. You’ll undoubtedly pique the interest of other party-goers.

For those looking to break away from alcohol consumption, cannabis beverages can be an excellent (and delightful) replacement. However, not everyone who consumes cannabis is looking to smoke flower or vape concentrates, and many consumers are looking more towards beverages to find an experience that suits their lifestyles.


Cannabis lovers like to experiment with new products and different effects. As a result, long-time cannabis consumers are discovering drink options and incorporating them more into their lifestyles.

Cannabis Branding Techniques with LEVIA

CDE: Can you share your background before entering the cannabis space?

Brosnan: I spent years in digital media, working with brands on customer acquisitions and identifying their target consumer audience.

CDE: What can you tell us about LEVIA?

Brosnan: LEVIA products are made with a proprietary technology that allows for quick onset of the intended effects of cannabis. Our consumers typically feel the results within 15-20 minutes, unlike traditional edibles, which usually take an hour to kick in. This fast-acting formula, featured in our seltzers and tinctures, allows for flexible dosing and a predictable, controlled experience.

CDE: What is one of the essential aspects of your cannabis branding?

Brosnan: When launching the initial SKUs, we wanted the brand to be easily approachable by both the “canna-curious” and current cannabis consumers. We named the original three based on the desired effect. Achieve is our Sativa blend with the tagline “Get stuff done,“ Celebrate is our Hybrid blend with the tagline “brighten your day,” and Dream is our Indica blend, aimed to “ease your mind and spirit.” We thought this would make a choice easy for consumers.


CDE: What tactics are used for the marketing of LEVIA cannabis beverages?

Brosnan: At LEVIA, we strive to focus on education. Educating consumers is key to getting our product into the hands of new and existing cannabis customers in-person, which is why we also host a variety of pop-up events at our 150+ dispensary partners throughout Massachusetts. At pop-ups, we can connect with potential consumers, share our mission, and educate them on what is in each can and what they can expect to experience after drinking a LEVIA. In addition, we launch limited-edition flavors throughout the year to parlay off seasonal holidays, 4/20, marquee events, etc. Consumers love the innovative graphics associated with each can, in addition to trying new flavors.

Attracting Investors & Growing Within the Cannabis Drinks Market

CDE: Do you have any tips to share about gaining the attention of investors for a cannabis company?

Brosnan: Think outside the box! Bring a product to market that is innovative, original, and not played out. When creating your brand, it’s imperative to make it stand out on the shelf. Bring potential investors an idea to be excited about.

CDE: What can be said about the growth of infused-cannabis beverages in the retail market?

Brosnan: With several advancements made in emulsion technology over the last few years, we’ve seen many new beverages enter the U.S. cannabis beverage market, making the category that much more approachable for the “canna-curious.”


CDE: Thank you for sharing with the Cannabis Drinks Expo, Troy!

Learn More at the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023

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Article by: Hannah (Izer) Vysoky