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Vital Reporting & Sales Data From Distributors - Joy Hudson

Watch Joy Hudson, founder of Nimble, talk about vital data points and reports in distributor relationships at the Cannabis Drinks Expo.

Distribution is one of the first things businesses think about when they're considering getting into the cannabis industry. Having the correct distribution partner can open up new markets for your brand nationally and can be a pivotal decision you make for your business. Join Joy Hudson as she explores what are the questions you should be asking a distributor which will help you choose the correct distributor for long term partnership. In this video, she shares tips for brands looking to effectively work with distributors. She also sheds light on some of the most important metrics and data points when it comes to building relationships with Distributors.


About Joy Hudson

Joy Hudson built one of Oregon’s largest cannabis distributors from 2017 to 2020 before launching Nimble, a mission-driven cannabis wholesaler, this spring. That mission: to begin to heal the damage done by the failed war on drugs. See you in the sky. 

Joy Hudson and Marissa Rodriguez entered the legal cannabis industry from starkly different backgrounds. They quickly discovered the same problem: the market had some growing up to do. The pair built a series of unprecedented systems to manage logistics, compliance and inventory, hiring a crack team of salespeople and managers. In the following year, the duo grew the company’s line of products from 20 SKUs to 300. By the end of year two, Joy and Marissa had amassed a network of loyal connections and an unparalleled grasp of every corner of the market. Monthly sales at the distribution company had swelled from $20k a month in 2017 to $1 million a month by mid 2018. How’d they do it? By imbuing the nascent Wild West of a cannabis industry with professionalism, consistency and care. Now, Hudson and Rodriguez are launching a new company, Nimble Distribution, that is poised to capitalize on the next boom in cannabis: export.

Watch Joy Hudson here as she shares tips for brands looking to effectively work with distributors.

About Cannabis Drinks Expo

The first Cannabis Drinks Expo was a huge success that gave the worldwide drinks industry, and North America in particular, the chance to come together and look at ways it can address legalized cannabis. Hosted by the Beverage Trade Network, this expo shined a spotlight on the skyrocketing legal cannabis market and provided insight into its future brimming with opportunity. The Expo also hosted a conference with the theme of how to grow your Cannabis Drinks Business. For More Information visit Cannabisdrinksexpo.

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