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Why Cannabis Startups Need to Be at Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023

The Cannabis Drinks Expo is returning to Chicago and San Francisco in 2023. Cannabis startups are not going to want to miss out on this experience.

For the past two years, the Cannabis Drinks Expo has provided successful events for greeting connections in cannabis beverages. The 2023 event will continue to be a massive opportunity for anyone interested in the future directions of the United States cannabis drinks industry.

In 2022, our San Francisco and Chicago events were two of the biggest gatherings of cannabis drink professionals worldwide. The Cannabis Drinks Expo continues to bring together MSOs, growers, dispensaries, co-packers, flavor suppliers, packaging companies, cannabis drinks brands, and service providers across the United States.

The theme for this year’s expo continues with “Growing the Category.” The 2022 Cannabis Drinks Expo saw significant growth with all of the joined support between exhibitors and visitors who are passionate about seeing the cannabis drinks market evolve.

If you are a cannabis startup company, here’s why attending Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023 will help your beverage brand.


Get Your Cannabis Brand Recognized

In 2022, Cannabis Drinks Expo saw a strong wave of information, panels, connections, and innovations all day long. The San Francisco and Chicago expos begin with panel kickoffs, while an exhibit floor will be set up close by for easy back-and-forth access throughout the day.

Visitors, exhibitors, and conference speakers buzzed candidly amongst each other, and lunchtime was a highlight for making those follow-up connections within the industry. For both locations, visitors poured in through the doors until the end of the day’s events. Many attendees and exhibitors were excited to attend the after-party.

This is the perfect time to highlight your growing cannabis brand. This is the place to make that in-face impression and meet other industry supporters that can help create cannabis beverage magic.

Meet Cannabis Investors

Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023 has a finger on the pulse of the most significant happenings in cannabis beverages. Over the past two years of the event’s existence, we have seen a growing number of investors attend to get that in-person knowledge and passion that will drive them to help create investments with movers and shakers of the THC beverage category.

Brands and cannabis investors are all-in when they join the experience at the Cannabis Drink Expo, thanks to startups and successful cannabis brands that continue to come out with new cannabis-infused products that keep fascinating consumers with each experience.

If you want to connect with more investors for your cannabis beverage brand, Cannabis Drinks Expo is the place to be. Investors join us for our particular excellence in the space of THC beverages and for bringing connections to this market category.

Learn About Cannabis Product Building

At the Expo, you will find cannabis brands and suppliers serious about building their business in this category. You will also be able to hear from speakers that are successfully marketing within their cannabis companies and offering advice to attendees on how they can drive similar success.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo will feature a full day of education sessions that cover topics such as formulation trends in high-growth categories such as CBD beverages and kombucha. You will also be able to learn more about the following:

1) Micro-infusion systems

2) Packaging trends

3) Marketing strategies

4) Compliance issues

5) Delivery methods

6) Retail compliance

7) Consumer trends backed by data

8) Social media strategies

There is also so much more to be discovered for advertising regulations, and how to succeed beyond all the hardships cannabis marketing teams can face.

Learn More at the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023

This is the event of 2023 for cannabis startups to be in attendance and make impressions. With new states legalizing cannabis, the shows this year will be focused on bringing cannabis drink professionals from all new legal states. 

Save the date for your city and connect with MSOs, dispensaries, growers, packaging companies, co-packers, flavor suppliers, cannabis beverage brands, and other service providers looking to enter the cannabis beverage market.

Register today to attend in San Francisco on July 27th or Chicago on August 1st.

Article by: Hannah (Izer) Vysoky