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Cannabiniers - A Company Producing Cannabis Infused Drinks

Cannabiniers - Offering Healthy and Sustainable Products to the Cannabis Community


Located in San Diego, California Cannabiniers is a foodservice, technology & brand management company that is revolutionizing the cannabis industry with patented, safe and natural flower-based extraction technology and products. The company focus on products that are healthy for the consumer and that positively impact the environment.

Flower Based Technology:

Cannabiniers uses Flower based technology, which can effectively extract all-natural plant compounds creating products that are curated for specific consumers. In addition, all ingredients used in the manufacturing process are natural, to ensure that they deliver a complete profile of the original plant directly to the consumer.

Flower Based Technology process includes following three steps:-

Step 1: The Starting Plant Material
Step 2: The Extracted Active Ingredient
Step 3: The Final Product


All the consumable products of Cannabiniers incorporate an emulsified water-based infusion that delivers a high-quality experience that is not “oil” based. Cannabiniers blend multiple types of cannabis strains into our products to support a range of medical conditions and recreational preferences. Cannabiniers brands include:

•  Two Roots Brewing Co.

Two Roots Brewing Co. is a pioneer in the artisan fusion of cannabis and beer. Two Roots Brewing Co has combined a passion for all things craft with science, innovation, and social responsibility to create a new class of adult beverages poised to change the beer and cannabis markets. 

•  Just Society Coffee & Tea Co. 

Just Society Cold Brew Beverages elevate the simple essence of coffee and tea, to a curated brewed beverage, which delivers a delicate and refreshing taste. Just Society Beverages begin with high quality cannabis flower, that is extracted using Cannabiniers all natural extraction process, and combines that with the most delicious, responsibly sourced whole tea leaves and single origin coffee (from award winning Bird Rock Roasters) to create exhilarating blends that delight the senses.

•  Bask 

The pharmaceutical grade creams are formulated using a patented time-released technology assuring safe and effective relief from localized pain, sore muscles and inflammation. 

Bask Products includes:

1.  Extended Wellness Cream

Bask Extended Wellness creams are superior, quality products that provide highly effective relief. Bask Extended Wellness creams includes:

•  BASK Extended Wellness Cream
•  BASK+ Extended Wellness Cream

2. Premium Teas

Premium teas include below products:
•  Peppermint Herbal Tea
•  Blood Orange Herbal Tea
•  Chamomile Herbal Tea

3.  Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs includes:

•  Pineapple Mint
•  Lavender


Brewbudz is a line of high-quality coffees and teas that are delivered in a patented 100% compostable single-serve brew pod. Brewbudz offers consumers strain specific coffees and teas that are natural, healthy and sustainable.

• Basis

Basis is a state of the art vaporizer line that offers both a disposable and refillable vape pen option. Basis includes:

• C2

– Lightweight, compact design
– High-quality CO2 distillate oil
– 4 hole mouthpiece providing robust and consistent pull with precision dosing
– Extended battery life
– available in three colors (gold, silver, and gunmetal)

• C3

– Sophisticated, modern design
– High-quality CO2 distillate oil
– Replaceable oil cartridge
– Extended battery life
– Available in three colors (gold, silver, and gunmetal)