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GODEX International: Manufacturers of Barcoding Products

GODEX International is an engineering company that specializes in designing and manufacturing barcode printing and Labelling products.

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GODEX International was established in the year 1993, with its headquarters in Taipei Taiwan. GODEX is an engineering company that specializes in designing and manufacturing of barcode printing products. GODEX has offices in the US, Europe and China apart from Taiwan and its products are distributed worldwide. 

GODEX has earned a loyal following of thousands of customers by providing very affordable products. These products are extremely well engineered and supported by company and reseller partner network which is 100% dedicated to long-term customer satisfaction which created its success story.

Godex International

GODEX branded products are distributed in the whole world by a network of certified GODEX Value Add Resellers (VARS). These VARS are qualified and capable of installing, operating, and supporting GODEX brand printers in the end-user barcoding and labelling applications.

What is OEM/ODM Business?

GODEX first started making barcode printers 20 years ago; almost 100% of their business was in creating OEM and ODM printers for name brand printer companies worldwide. Many years later, even today OEM and Custom printer manufacturing is a very big part of GODEX’s business and made GODEX a world leader in this field. After working with many very large, sophisticated and varieties of OEM / ODM customers, GODEX has developed a company infrastructure and a culture that produces optimal product development performance for the customer. Every OEM and custom printer product GODEX manufacturers ensure that it includes the highest technology and the lowest costs due to their presence in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • ODM

GODEX supplies the customer with a custom product that has been designed by GODEX to meet customer’s specifications as an Original Design Manufacturer.

  • Customized Printers

The private branding includes the customer brand printing on all production elements including the printer, documentation, and software.

  • Generic Branding

Perhaps you require a barcode printer product from GODEX that has no brand on it at all so that you can brand and personalize this product yourself, in your facility. GODEX has a solution for this requirement too; we call it the”BP” printer line.

  • OEM

In this arrangement, they manufacture products typically for another manufacturer and under that manufacturer’s brand name. These products can be complete printers or printer components. Typically there is considerable customization designed by the customer and specified to GODEX such as custom PCBA, custom firmware, and customer product enclosures and colour.

GODEX International has won following awards

GODEX Ranked in the Top 5% of corporate governance for TWSE/TPEx listed companies.

Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Certified GODEX’s for superior performance for consecutive two years

Taiwan Excellence Award

MX30i mobile printers, ZX1200i Industrial touch screen series, MX20, T20 Label Rewinder etc. have won the award in 2014. 


Good Design Product

EZ-2 Direct Thermal Barcode Printer is one out of only 50 products winning this award in the year.


Taiwan Excellence Award

EZ-2 and EZ-4TT Thermal Barcode Printer is the one out of 200 products won this award.


Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award

EZ-2 Direct Thermal Barcode Printer and Only 35 companies are selected who wins the title.


The 12th Rising Star Award

GODEX received the 12th Rising Star Award of 2009 presented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MEA).