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GW Kent – The No. 1 Equipment Distributor

GW Kent - The #1 Equipment Distributor of the Winemaking and Commercial Brewing Industries.

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GW Kent carries an extensive supply of commercial brewery, winery and food processing equipment. From basic supplies like fittings and valves, hoses and food-grade washdown equipment, to bottling and packaging equipment for commercial use; to our winemaking supplies including testing instruments, hydrometers, titrators and more.

Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment:

GW Kent is known for its premium quality and expansive stock of brewing supplies and microbrewery equipment. GW Kent offers a fantastic variety of quality products from beer fermenters, brite tanks, brewhouses and accompanying equipment, carbonation systems, cellar equipment and supplies, filtrations items, fittings and valves, ingredients, all the way to those finishing touches in kegs and packaging.

GW Kent’s microbrewery equipment inventory has the largest tank stock in America. GW Kent guarantees an unsurpassed tank quality and fantastic value of all valves and fittings - included at no additional cost. All tanks are made of certified 304 stainless steel material and components, sanitary construction, 100 percent TIG welded and sanitary polished with stringent controls, inspection, and pressure testing.

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Commercial Winery Equipment & Supplies:

The GW Kent stock of commercial winemaking equipment and wine making supplies are both unsurpassed in quality and price in comparison to any competitor in the industry. The commercial winemaking equipment provided by GW Kent includes cellar equipment and supplies, control and monitoring items, fittings and valves, filtration machines and supplies, grape processing equipment, ingredients, tanks and fermentors, and packaging equipment and supplies to put your product on the market.

GW Kent also carries an array of sight glasses which includes the Sight Glass TC, Vista Sight Glass TC, Sight Glass with Protector TC, Tank Top Mount Sight Glass with Light TC, and Processing View Sight Glass TC.

Commercial Processing:

GW Kent also offers premium supplier of cold brew coffee equipment, kombucha brewing equipment, olive oil extraction equipment and cider brewing equipment. Commercial Processing equipment includes:

•  Pumps & Heat Exchanger
•  Fittings & Valves
•  Filtrations
•  Carbonation, Control & Monitoring
•  Hose & Washdown
•  Lab Supply, Maintenance & Safety

Industrial Brewing & Wine Making Equipment:

GW Kent carries an extensive selection of kegs in every size: five gallon, six barrel, ¼ barrel, and ½ barrel as well as assorted oak barrels for both wine and beer, and all the accessories. The brewhouses system is designed to serve craft brewers for producing high quality beer efficiently. GW Kent industrial brewing equipment is made of premium quality 304 stainless steel, integrated with two pumps, heat exchangers, stainless steel brewing platforms, valves, sight glass, condensation stack, manual control panel and process piping in a compact and sanitary modular system. 

GW Kent has a wide variety of sizes of commercial brewery, winery, or food processing facility which includes.

•  Brewery Fermenter & Brite Tank
•  CIP
•  Pumps & Heat Exchangers
•  Yeast Brink & Propagation
•  Beer Kegs
•  Barrel Bungs & Cellar Tools
•  Barrel Racks
•  Oak Barrel & Accessories
•  Wine Tanks & Fermenters
•  Wine & Grape Processing
•  Plastic Bins

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Sanitary Pipe Fittings and Valves:

GW Kent offers an extensive inventory of sanitary pipe fittings and sanitary valves for the infrastructure of your commercial brewery, winery, or processing facility. With multiple sizes and a temperature range of 15 to 200 degrees, you are sure to find the components you need.

All butterfly valves are made of premium quality, 304 stainless steel and come in a range of sizes to fit a variety of pipes. Also, an impressive feature of the GW Kent butterfly valve selection is the silicone valve seat and beautiful mirror finish available in all butterfly valves TC.

GW Kent carries a great selection of tri-clamp fittings and adaptors, and tri-clamp gaskets in sizes 1-4 inches.

•  Valves
•  Sample Valves & Check Valves
•  Sight Glass
•  Hose Barb Adaptors
•  Adapters, Ferrules & Fittings
•  Tri-Clamp Gaskets
•  Pressure Relief Valves
•  Manway & Tank Components
•  Thermometers & Thermo Welds
•  Spray Ball, Pipe Spools & Manifolds
•  Quick Disconnect & Couplers
•  DIN Valves & Fittings
•  NPT Valves & Fittings
•  Butt-Weld Valves & fittings

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