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Kansas based Beverage Logistics Service Provider: Agforce

Agforce Transport Services - Providing logistics solutions to wine & spirits industry with flexible freight options and real-time tracking and visibility.


Agforce Transport Services delivers the customers’ specific business needs and requirements, providing the best freight delivery and logistics solutions including intermodal, less-than-truckload, full truckload, flatbed, temperature controlled bulk and final mile services. As a third-party logistics provider, they can help you ship your product safely, cost-effectively and on time.

With more than 100 years of combined expertise, they offer streamlined and flexible services to suppliers and end-users. They deliver the most effective solution for your business to help you ship your product where it needs to be – when it needs to be there.

They are dedicated to first-rate customer service. Their team of experts represents a collaborative transportation and service network supporting customers nationwide. For decades, their success has stemmed from providing flexible freight carriers and warehouse services to customers. They specialize in providing flexible logistics solutions to any complex supply chain challenge that their customers face.

Here are the lists of services which they provide:-

Flexible Freight Options

They ship products on time and cost-effectively using the best transportation solution for your business needs. Customer-tailored freight options and efficient consolidation to maximize your dollars.

    • Standard LTL
    • Expedited LTL
    • Volume LTL
    • Partial LTL
    • Consolidation services
    • Refrigerated LTL
    • Step decks and Basic flats
    • Double drops/lowboys
    • Maxis
    • Access to all five major, Class 1 U.S. railroads
    • Coast-to-coast coverage throughout the U.S. and Canada
    • Expandable trailers
    • Specialized equipment
    • Reefers
    • Space-saver trailers
    • Freeze-protected trailers
    • Temperature-controlled intermodal
    • Step decks and Basic flats
    • Double drops/lowboys
    • Maxis
    • Expandable trailers
    • Specialized equipment
  • Specialized Warehousing
  • Tracking and Real-Time Visibility
  • Flexible Freight Options

Specialized Warehousing

Our warehouse services and logistics minimize costs for our customers and protect the quality of products at all times.

Tracking and Real-Time Visibility

They call on and track every order, plus provide regular updates on orders until they’re delivered.

Here is a list of key industries where they provide their services:-

  • Agriculture Logistics
  • Food & Beverage
  • General Freight Solutions
  • Plastics & Packaging
  • Wine & Spirits

They offer full-service freight transportation and logistics services to wine and spirits companies across the country.

No matter where you want to ship, you can benefit from our strategic consolidation centres on the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest, the Eastern seaboard, and key areas such as Kentucky. It is all about saving your time and money while getting your freight safely to its destination. The Agforce team has years of expertise in wine and spirits logistics, and They help you navigate the maze of permitting and regulatory issues with flexible freight options that keep your products moving.

They specialize in tailored logistics solutions for any complex supply-chain challenge you face. No matter what mode of transportation service you need, they’ll deliver your wine or spirits where they need to be – when they need to be there.

This is not an off-the-shelf solution, but rather a custom-built plan to safely and reliably handle every aspect of the process. They have the knowledge and resources to help you meet any peak-season demands or capacity issues you face.

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