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Labeltronix – Southern California’s Leading Label Provider

Labeltronix – A Company That Creates Unique & Crafted Labels.

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Established in 1993, Labeltronix is one of the leading label service providers in Southern California. The company has been a trailblazer in the labeling industry. The Anaheim-based company creates unique and crafted labels.

Labeltronix is celebrating its 25th anniversary in label printing by helping companies with their branding and labeling from retail shelves to manufacturing floors.

Labeltronix moved into its 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art printing facility with energy efficiency as a fundamental requirement. To reduce the carbon footprint, the company installed low-energy lighting, insulation that reduces energy usage, and energy-efficient air conditioning units. 

The unique process of Labeltronix, Lean Labeling® was developed with the intention to reduce the carbon footprint – from the way of printing the labels to the way they package and ship them out.

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Labeltronix Markets:

Labeltronix creates unique and crafted labels for various markets. The company excels at working with brand managers, product engineers, designers, marketing departments, and owners to optimize labels for the marketplace. Labeltronix can also help in creating innovative solutions for launching a new brand, like adding QR code or variable data to help with authenticity and security.

1. Wine Market – Shelf Appeal

Labeltronix produced top quality wine labels with the help of Lean Labeling® process. The Lean Labeling® process, developed by Labeltronix helps to reduce the labeling cost and increases the flexibility of services. 

2. Spirits Market

Labeltronix offers a metallic paper foil that can be substituted for buying a foil plate, and is much more economical.

3. Craft Beer Market

Labeltronix ensures great graphic design. The advanced digital printing from labeltronix delivers quick and cost-effective beer labels with the top value.

4. Nutraceutical Market

The company helps to create the best labels in the marketing and regulatory maze of the industry. Lean Labeling® from Labeltronix help in bringing your labels and your business to an entirely new level. The high-end presses and technology allow them to print detailed side effect lists, ingredients, and product use instructions without losing readability.

5.  Food & Beverage Market

Labeltronix believes that many factors go into a great-looking label: graphic design, material, and color. Besides shelf appeal, food & beverage labels need to educate the consumer in a limited amount of space: ingredients, nutritional facts, storage requirements, and potential warnings. The company helps in printing the label which reduces the turnaround times.

6. Health & Beauty Markets

Labeltronix helps health and beauty companies in providing on-demand labeling solutions to comply with ingredient changes and a constantly evolving product line. The company carries the material and laminate combinations that are the most durable for almost every situation when it comes to scratches, rubbing, water, or oil.

7. Industrial Markets

Labeltronix prime label and packaging labels help a company to get brilliant colors and unique designs printed on paper or film. The company uses the most advanced printing technologies which assure the highest printing quality, exact registration, consistent color, and clear type for each label they print.

Labeltronix Capabilities:

Labeltronix offers comprehensive in-house solutions from prepress to the finished labels. The company does both flexographic and digital printing at their state-of-the-art facility and also use the most cutting-edge finishing equipment. Their printing processes are subjected to top-notch quality control and inspection, as required by the ISO 9001:2008 standard, an internationally recognized protocol for quality assurance.

•  Digital Labels
•  Flexo Labels
•  Embossing
•  Hot Stamping
•  Prepress

Labeltronix Solutions:

Labeltronix provides label solutions based on the needs. Below is a combination of their unique, proprietary solutions in the industry as well as capabilities that can be achieved utilizing our state-of-the-art facility.

•  AVA series
•  Arctic Shield
•  Midnight Vellum
•  QR codes
•  Crystal Clear
•  Eco-Friendly